Create Product Videos in 5 Minutes

Creating Product Videos was frustrating.
Not anymore โ€” we fixed it.

Turn the Chrome plugin on, walk through your screen, let Trainn capture your step-by-step actions into a perfect video.

Slide-by-slide video editor to trim, add voiceovers via text, blur, and annotate screens.

Copy ๏ผ‹ Paste embed code to land your videos at every stage of the customer journey, in just one click.

  • Audio & Voiceovers
  • DIY Web Editor
Add voice overs to product videos

Add Rich Audio

Say goodbye to outsourcing voiceovers or expensive studio setups.

Turn your script into voice-overs

Add your text and watch the AI powered converter turn your script into voice. Choose from a curated list of human voices, accents, and pace to tell your story, your way.

Let your videos speak the world languages

Add voice-overs and subtitles in languages that are easy to connect with customers wherever they are.

Edit videos like a pro

A slide-by-slide Video Editor that requires no editing experience.

Make your videos interactive

Add spotlights to your hero features, use text and shapes to engage users, blur sections you donโ€™t wanna show and add CTAs at the end.

Don't stress over outdated videos

Make changes to your existing videos as your product evolves, without replacing links or embed codes.

Keep your videos on-brand

From your brand colour to fonts, logo watermark to templates, keep videos aligned with your visual brand.

Customer Research | Shambhavi Pandey
Customer training built on Trainn
From 7 days to create a video to 7 videos in a day
We have created 150+ videos in one month, in multiple languages using voiceovers.
Trainn has catalysed our customer education efforts.
Creating product videos shouldnโ€™t be
a multi-quarter project