Pink Floyd and Trainn have a lot in common.

Find why we chose Pink Floyd as our ancestral spirit for this year’s SaaStock: Meet Trainn at Booth TR07, Startup Zone.

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Most SMBs struggle to deploy a bespoke customer education strategy due to lack of resources and fragmented tools — let’s change it.

Educate your customers in ways that work for you, and effective for them.
Solve your most pressing adoption and retention struggles with Videos.
Create product videos 10x faster without losing your heart and mind.
Go beyond just an LMS and Help Center to upskill your customers.

Hey folks at Saastock! Care for a digital zine that will help you make the best out of this dublin visit?

We need education.

Fragmented tools that overcharge you, energy-sucking dependencies on design and engineering teams, and siloed customer education initiatives— that’s the state of customer education today. It no longer needs to be one big, clunky mess.

Your business is not another brick in the wall

The key to enhanced customer experience is through education. We don’t need no education screamed the SaaS market. As the double negatives cancel each other out, we noticed that the statement says…

We don’t pitch the usual way, we made a playlist instead

Used by teams worldwide...

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Together, let’s lead the renaissance in customer education.

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