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Trainn’s American English Text-to-Speech generator converts your video scripts into human-like American English voiceovers.

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How to generate an American English text-to-speech voiceover in 4 steps

  • Trainn | Text to Speech | type text Type in your text
  • Trainn | Text to Speech | AI Watch our built-in AI-powered convertor turn text into speech.
  • Trainn | Text to Speech | accents Choose from a library of accents and tones.
  • Trainn | Text to Speech | Voiceovers | pitch,volume,speed adjustments Fine-tune the voiceover by adjusting volume, pitch, pauses, and speed.
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Why use Trainn’s American English
text-to-speech voiceover generator?

Create 100+ videos with rich voiceovers at scale, effortlessly

Having somebody record their voice manually for 100+ videos is draining and never sustainable. Trainn’s automated American English text-to-speech generator turns your script into an American English voiceover in mins.

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Text to Speech Converter | Trainn | voiceover scaling
Text to Speech Converter | Trainn | voiceover editing
Edit your American English voiceover like editing a doc

Trainn lets you add voiceovers to your video - clip by clip. Only change the script for a select video clip without changing the entire script. And this will automatically modify the American English Text to speech voiceover.

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Consistent voiceovers across all your assets

Trainn’s American English text-to-speech voiceovers ensure consistency and quality in your training videos. Your videos sound standard despite different team members creating them. No more worrying about narration being different from video to video.

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Text to Speech Converter | Trainn | voiceover consistency
Text to Speech Converter | Trainn | voiceover multi-lingual
Reach global customers with videos in multi-lingual voiceovers

It is convenient for global businesses to create more than just American English videos. Don’t stop with just our American English text-to-speech. Clone a video in multiple languages using AI voiceovers in 20+ languages and speak your customer’s lingo.

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Next-gen Features of Trainn’s American English Text-to-speech Converter

Trainn | Text to Speech | Voiceovers
Natural American English text-to-speech voices‍

Trainn’s voiceovers sound human-like so your viewers can understand and resonate better.

Trainn | Text to Speech | Voiceovers

Humanize your American English text-to-speech voiceover by increasing or decreasing the pitch from 5 options ranging from extra low to extra high.

Trainn | Text to Speech | Voiceovers

The speaking rate of our American English text-to-speech voices can range from 0.5x slower to 1.5x faster, based on what your video content demands.

Trainn | Text to Speech | Voiceovers
Background music

Add some captivating background music to elevate your American English text-to-speech voiceover. Upload your BGM score or select a track from Trainn’s extensive library.

Trainn | Text to Speech | Voiceovers

Trainn offers a library of female and male accents to choose your preferred American English text-to-speech voiceover. You can preview an accent before selection.

Trainn | Text to Speech | Voiceovers

Trainn lets you choose from different emotional tones or styles, such as happy, cheerful, hopeful, or excited. Preview your chosen tone to ensure it aligns with your American English text-to-speech voiceover.

Trainn | Text to Speech | Voiceovers

Make your American English text-to-speech voiceover realistic by increasing or decreasing the volume from 5 different options ranging from extra soft to extra loud.

Trainn | Text to Speech | Voiceovers
Multi-lingual and high-quality sounding voices

Enjoy narration in 20+ languages, apart from our high-quality American English text-to-speech voiceovers. Some languages available are Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Thai, and more.

Trainn | Text to Speech | Voiceovers

Make your American English text-to-speech voiceover more impactful. Trainn offers a few hacks to vary the length of pauses or adjust the volume or enunciation of certain words.

Customers love Trainn’s American English text-to-speech converter

American English Text to Speech | Trainn

100 videos with voiceovers in 45 days

It took exactly 45 days to create over 100 tutorial videos, review, and publish the BuildOps Learning Center. Having somebody record voice-overs for 100 videos wasn't sustainable. The automated text-to-speech converter was pivotal in creating videos with rich audio at scale.

Sabina Rana I Dangal

Head of Support , Buildops

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We wanted to make videos with easy text-to-voice conversion. Trainn's voiceovers sound extremely natural, and it's as simple as typing out the script slide-by-slide. And given the volume of videos we create, Trainn's ease of use allows us to publish user-ready videos in minutes.

Priyanshu A , Marketer , Threado

Trainn's unique functionality for screen capture + video + closed captions + natural-sounding Text-to-speech is the perfect combination for our needs.

Henry C , Founder , LocalClarity

The Text to speech auto-generated voiceover is the best feature, as my team can create uniform-looking/sounding videos.

Chalormee B, Customer Success Manager , SpotDraft

The platform's multilingual voiceover functionality is one of my favourites because it enables our international customers to watch our videos in their native tongues.

Mohammed Tamiz Uddin , Customer Success Manager , Outplay

More Customers, More Love.

American English Text-to-Speech FAQs

1 What is Text to speech (TTS) technology?

Text to speech (TTS) technology is a system that converts written text into spoken words. It utilizes advanced algorithms and synthetic speech techniques to generate human-like speech output. The process involves analyzing the text, interpreting its structure and linguistic elements, and generating corresponding speech sounds.

TTS technology enables computers, devices, and applications to "read aloud" written content, allowing users to listen to text-based information instead of reading it themselves. It has numerous applications, such as accessibility tools for individuals with visual impairments, voice assistants, and navigation systems.

2 What is American English Text to speech?

3 Can I try Trainn American English TTS for free?

4 In how many languages is Trainn’s Text to speech available?

5 Can I record my own voice instead of using American English Text to speech?

6 How is Trainn’s American English Text to speech converter different from other TTS systems?