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Say Hello to Interactive Guides

Make onboarding, training, and support fun and faster for your customers with our brand-new interactive guides.

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World-class teams are saving time with Trainn

How it works?

Capture any workflow

Turn on the Trainn extension and record your screen. Trainn automatically generates screenshots, writes descriptions, and delivers a shareable link for your brand-new guide.

Capture any workflow with guide | Interactive guides by trainn

Edit and customise

Share or embed

Make your guides interactive

Analyse and iterate

Create training videos using the Trainn customer training software Launch a training hub using the Trainn training software zero-code customer training academy with Trainn training software Make your guides interactive | Interactive guides by trainn Analyse and iterate | Interactive guides by trainn

Why Trainn’s Interactive Guides are the GOAT?

Trainn is the only platform that lets you create interactive guides and organize them in ways that make your support, onboarding, and training experiences scalable.

  • Build a knowledge base

    Build a knowledge base of how-to guides for common queries.

  • Embed in your learning center

    Create product walkthroughs and embed them in your learning center.

  • Enhance your LMS courses

    Add interactive training guides to enhance your LMS courses.

Who is Interactive Guides for?

Success Managers
  • Self-serve with onboarding walkthroughs.
  • Introduce new features with interactive demos.
  • Increase adoption with product tours.
Training Managers
  • Offer step-by-step training guides instead of 1-1 calls.
  • Add interactive training manuals to your LMS courses.
  • Replace live training with on-demand training guides.
Support Managers
  • Reduce time spent writing text-heavy help docs.
  • Quickly create how-to guides for ad hoc queries.
  • Launch a knowledge base for proactive support.