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Finally, a LearnUpon competitor that doesnโ€™t require additional tools or break the bank.

Meet Trainn โ€” The #1 LearnUpon Competitor that makes building an Academy much easier. Trainn offers a built-in video authoring tool, academy builder, certifications engine, learner portal, and reports, all under one roof at a fraction of the price.

  • Built-in video authoring
  • Certifications engine
  • Learner portal
  • Molecular reports
Posist Academy built on Trainn | LearnUpon Competitor BuildOps Academy built on Trainn | LearnUpon Competitor WebEngage Academy built on Trainn | LearnUpon Competitor


Trainn is the #1 LearnUpon Competitor.

  • Built-in Content Authoring
  • Advanced Learner Analytics
  • Personalised Learning at Scale
  • Adapting to Modern Needs
  • Affordable Pricing

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The only LearnUpon competitor with a built-in video authoring tool:

LearnUpon LMS is primarily focused on providing a platform for organizing and categorizing existing course content for easy access. This will be suitable if youโ€™re ready to pay an additional $$$ for a software to create course content.

Trainn is the ideal platform for video-led customer education. Unlike LearnUpon, Trainn is designed specifically for creating and distributing product training videos that drive adoption, retention, and advocacy, leading to sustainable revenue growth. With this LearnUpon competitor, users don't have to rely on additional software or pay extra money to create video courses.

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Track Your Learners' Progress with Trainn's Advanced Analytics:

If you're using LearnUpon to track learner engagement, you may be missing out on something BIGGG!!

Trainn offers comprehensive analytics at the learner, course, and video level, allowing you to track engagement and progress with ease. By using the best LearnUpon competitor, you can then adjust your training strategy accordingly for better performance.

Bonus: Trainn's retention cohort analysis tracks learners' progress over time to improve learner retention and identify knowledge gaps.

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Get Your Videos to Where Your Users Are by choosing the right LearnUpon Competitor:

LearnUpon LMS provides limited options for distributing your training videos across multiple channels, making it more challenging to reach and suit your learners' preferences.

Trainn's video distribution feature enables you to easily share single video lessons or entire personalized learning paths through a simple one-click link across different channels. With Trainn's Knowledge Base and Academy, your learners can access all your training videos wherever they are.


No more Clunky Learning Paths and Navigations

LearnUpon's learning paths are cumbersome and difficult to navigate and manage at times, leading to confusion among admins.

A truly modern LearnUpon competitor. Trainn provides an intuitive and user-friendly admin dashboard that allows you to easily manage your entire training program, including learners, courses, and videos. The dashboard simplifies learner progress monitoring, course content management, and analytics tracking, all without writing a single line of code.

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Bonus reason: Simple pricing thatโ€™s fair, not low.

LearnUpon does not have transparent and fixed pricing. There is no free trial to experience the features first-hand.

On the other hand, Trainn is the most affordable tool, with a free account to test everything , with plans starting from $499. Moreover, we also offer a 14-day free trial so you experience this LearnUpon competitor first-hand.

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The #1 LearnUpon competitor for growing and scaling SaaS businesses.

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Trainn | Customer Education Platform | LearnUpon Competitor
All-in-one Customer Education Platform

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Your customers will rave about you cause our customers rave about Trainn.

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LearnUpon vs. Trainn

Which is right for me?

We obviously think weโ€™re pretty great and the #1 LearnUpon competitor, but hereโ€™s an honest answer: Both LearnUpon LMS and Trainn allow you to set up your academy from scratch.

LearnUpon Competitor - Trainn | Customer Education Platform LearnUpon vs. Trainn
Built-in Video Authoring
Step-by-step screen recorder
Mobile app and desktop recording edits
Multi-lingual voiceovers and multiple accents
Step-by-step video editor
Include PDFs, PPTs, and Text articles
Content Distribution Mechanisms
Hosting Pages (with single or multiple videos)
Self-serve Video Knowledge Base
Personalized Learning Hub
Course & Academy Builder
Course Builder
Dynamic User Grouping
Built-in Assessments and Certifications
Comments & Private Notes
User Reviews & Feedback
Multi Language Translation
Reporting to measure ROI
Video Analytics
Learner-level Analytics

Generate Report

Course-level Analytics

Generate Report

Retention Cohort Analysis
The Key
Trainn | #1 LearnUpon Competitor

LearnUpon LMS is a solid choice for corporates and SMBs with existing training content waiting to be distributed, and ready to break the bank.

Trainn, the #1 LearnUpon competitor is thoughtfully built for growing and scaling SaaS businesses. With built-in authoring, course management, personalizations, and reports, Trainn helps you run Customer Education under one roof. It strives to offer the personal touch of a startup and the process efficiency of an enterprise.

Lead Customer Research | Shambhavi Pandey
Customer training built on Trainn
Educating 12,000 customers through the Posist Academy feels easy
When we create a training video on Trainn, voice-overs, and narrations are included. When I use another software, I have to record the screen and then manually record my voice.
The dealbreaker was update videos on-the-go feature. When a new feature is out, you just update the slides on the video, push video live in 10 minutes, and have 12,000 customers educated in real-time.

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