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Creator Suite

For professionals who want to create and share product videos in minutes.

$25 USD

per creator/mo

*minimum 4 creators
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Record any workflow
  • Smart screen capture
  • Screen + webcam recording
  • Video presentations
  • Convert images/PDF to videos
Rich audio and AI voiceovers
  • In-built AI text-to-speech convertor
  • Multi-language voiceovers
  • Record your own voice
  • Closed captions and subtitles
  • Clone videos in multiple languages instantly
Edit videos like a pro
  • Automatic zoom and spotlights
  • Layouts, backgrounds, intro & outro banners
  • Annotations within videos
  • Video chaptering, and CTAs to boost engagement.
Video sharing and analytics
  • HD, 1080p quality videos
  • Share links or embed codes
  • Video collection
  • Intercom and YouTube integrations
  • Advanced video analytics

+ Custom Branding Addon at

$99 /mo

Set up custom domain, upload custom fonts, and remove Trainn branding
Trainer Suite

For companies looking to deploy a scalable customer training program.

starting from

Custom Pricing

per creator/mo

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Customize your training suite with

Zing for product video creation, Portals for flexible distribution, Academia for structured training programs.
Create and share product videos in minutes.
  • Record any workflow.
  • Add rich audio, AI voiceovers in multiple languages.
  • Edit videos in mins. No editing skills required.
  • Publish and Share in 1 click.
Deploy a self-serve customer training portal.
  • Dynamic video portals
  • Built-in content search
  • SSO authentication for unified customer experience.
  • Branded portals with custom domains, fonts, logos.
Launch your own customer training academy.
  • In-built content authoring
  • Course Builder and Dynamic Academy Builder
  • Quizzes, certifications & built-in engagement
  • In-depth content & learner level analytics

All Features

Features to help your busy teams go from creation to distribution in no time.


  • Smart Capture

    Trainn automatically captures your screen interactions and converts them into video clips to make editing a breeze.

  • Instant Screen Recording

    Choose to record your screen, just yourself, or both the screen + yourself and instantly share it with your users.

  • Video Presentations

    Create engaging video presentations. Upload your PPT & record while you navigate through the slides.

  • Convert Images/PDFs to videos

    Upload your pdf or a series of images and convert them into engaging videos and share it with customers.

  • Upload and Edit

    Upload your existing screen recordings, add our AI voiceovers, edit them, and publish.


    Record stunning Full HD, 1080p quality videos by default. Downscale to 720p resolutions in a click.

  • In-built AI text-to-speech convertor

    Turn your script into humanised AI voice-overs in one click. Generate voiceovers in any language, accent, and tone.

  • Multi-language support

    Add voice-overs and subtitles in 20+ languages. Clone videos in multiple languages in just a click.

  • Background Music

    Add background music to make your videos captivating. Choose from a diverse library of music or upload your own.

  • Generate Images from Templates

    Click on plus between two clips and generate images easily with our pre-built templates. Customize to your branding.

  • Zoom and Spotlights

    Zing’s smart video editor automagically adds zooms and spotlights to jazz up your videos. Use the editor to fine-tune it to your liking.

  • Annotations within video

    Draw objects (shapes, arrows, texts) on videos easily. No editing skills are required.

  • Layouts

    Choose from 16 different layouts that work for you. Break out of the camera bubble.

  • Backgrounds and Borders

    Lighten up your video with a pleasant background image and border style of your choice.

  • Trim, Split, and Crop

    From trimming to splitting, use our modern and uncluttered clip timeline and enjoy advanced editing controls.

  • Blur Sensitive Information

    Blur sensitive info you don't wanna show in just a click, and ensure your screen recordings are safe to share with a wider audience.

  • Custom Fonts

    Keep your videos and pages on-brand with your custom fonts. * Available only for customers who opt for the Custom Branding Add-on.

  • Rich Text Editor for Articles

    Create articles with image, tables, code blocks, and quotes UI using our rich text editor.


  • Share Links

    Host your videos created on Trainn using our SEO-friendly, branded pages. Generate tracking URLs for video analytics.

  • Video Embeds

    Copy+paste embed codes to insert videos for playback on your website, product, or where your customers are

  • Share portals

    Create a collection of videos and articles without developer’s help.

  • Custom Domain

    Set up a custom domain to stay on brand with your hosted pages and video portals. We offer free support for set up.

  • SSO Authentication

    Let users log in using single sign-on credentials. Offer a unified customer experience.

  • Learner Groups

    Create learner groups to offer customer training at scale. Generate custom tracking links for in-depth training analytics.

  • YouTube Integration

    Integrate with your official YouTube channel and upload your videos from Trainn in just a click.

  • Intercom Integration

    Help your teams easily discover Trainn videos from inside Intercom. They can search, select, and share from the Intercom Inbox.

  • Video Downloads

    Export (or download) your videos to your system in one click, in the format you like.

  • Video Export to PDF

    Automatically convert your videos made on Zing into PDFs and export it to your system.

  • Video-level analytics

    Get granular insights on each video’s performance, engagement, and progress.

  • Customer Attributon

    Attribute video performance and user engagement to each customer level, to gain a better understanding of how your customers benefit.


  • Course Builder

    Import your videos and articles from the Trainn library, and set up chapters and quizzes to create structured courses in minutes.

  • Academy Builder

    Import courses. Design your home page using our no-code Academy builder. Personalize training content based on user location, email, company, and more.

  • Course Personalisation

    Create courses in multiple languages and set up dynamic home pages to be shown to select audience based on pre-defined conditions.

  • Comments and Private Notes

    Allow users to comment and add private notes to increase their engagement with your courses.

  • Course Reviews and Feedbacks

    Complete the feedback loop between your team and your users by gathering reviews and feedback.

  • SSO Authentication

    Offer a unified customer experience with SSO authentication. Let users log in using single sign-on credentials.

  • Learner Analytics

    Get granular insights on each learner’s engagement, behavior, and progress.

  • Course Analytics

    Understand course performance and progress through course completions, completions, number of learners and enrollments, and more.

  • Retention Cohort analytics

    Understand how many users return to complete your couses over a period of 12 weeks. Adjust your retention strategy. Use notifications to urge completion.

  • Leaderboard (Coming Soon)

    Keep the engagement up by letting the users review their engagement/completion among their peers.