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Just so you know

Here are a few things we get asked frequently.
What’s included in the free plan?

The Free plan will give your team a quick start to unlimited video creation and up to 100 MAUs (100 unique viewers) every month. Plus unlimited sharing and video embeds that you can use to distribute your video in multiple ways.

What’s MAU? How is it calculated?

Monthly Active Users. It is a count that denotes the number of UNIQUE viewers of your videos through a month.
Note: A single user who’s watched 10 videos, would still account to 1 MAU only.

What happens when my MAU limit exceeds?

If you are on our Free plan - New users will not be able to watch your videos until the next month.
If you are on any Paid plan - You will be billed $10 for every 100 additional MAUs payable in your next billing period.
Note: To remind you of this, we send in-app alerts and reminder e-mails once you reaching 75% of your plans MAU limit.

Can I download videos?

Premium plan offers video downloads. However, the Studio plan has YouTube integration if you need to host in your YouTube channel

We are a startup. Can we get a discount?

Yes! TRAINN is delighted to collaborate with growing startups. We are offering all our plans at 50% discount for the 1st year. Let’s catch up to understand your requirements better. Please reach out to with your details.

Do you offer custom pricing?

We do offer a custom pricing. Please reach out to us, we would love to know more about you and discuss how TRAINN can help you better.

What are my payment options ?

You can pay using your credit card. We currently support payments in USD only.

Can I push metrics to different systems?

Yes! You can push your TRAINN metrics to another system via zapier(in beta)

Can I downgrade my subscription?

You can downgrade at any time. Plan changes will be reflected in the next billing period.

Do you have an annualised plan?

Please reach out to us if you need an annual plan

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Early-stage Startup?

Trainn offers a special discount pricing for young and eligible startups.
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