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Trainn is a leading LMS for restaurants, empowering the hospitality industry with best-in-class training to elevate guest experiences, onboard and upskill staff, stay compliant with regulatory standards, and be the best in hospitality.

Trainn | LMS for restaurant industry
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In 2023, the hospitality industry should continue to focus on efficiencies at the hotel and corporate levels, prioritising customer experience, upskilling, analytics and automation.

- EY Industry Report

What is a LMS for restaurants?

A LMS for restaurants is a platform designed to create, manage and deliver training content to hospitality staff- servers, chefs, managers, cashiers etc. Created with the aim of enhancing staff efficiency and effectiveness, it equips them with the right knowledge, skills and abilities required to deliver exceptional service and create a memorable guest experience.

Centralised and Scalable LMS Designed
to Help You Be the Best in Hospitality

Reduce training costs

Turn your 1-1 manual training into personalised online learning. Stop spending a fortune on training manuals, trainer travel expenses, and training spaces.

Standardise and scale training

Deliver consistent training to your employees irrespective of their different geographical locations, franchises and restaurant chains.

Retain employees, reduce turnovers

Provide role-based training programs to help employees upskill and advance their career. Engaged employees boost retention and reduce new hire turnovers.

Onboard your dream team

Speed up the onboarding process for new employees with training modules, policies, and procedures required to perform their roles effectively.

The Only LMS for Restaurants That You’ll Ever Need

Trainn LMS is a digital training platform that helps restaurants and hotels launch a Restaurant Training Academy to offer consistent and scalable training experiences to hospitality staff across different locations and franchises.

 Trainn | LMS for restaurant industry

Trainn’s LMS for Restaurant Features

Mobile learning

Help your workforce access training from their phones, at a schedule that works for them. Trainn’s mobile learning experience is just like accessing Youtube.

Multiformat content

Create versatile and engaging LMS training content – short videos, articles, PDFs, structured video lessons, and tutorials with Trainn’s video creation tool .

Multi-language courses

Deliver LMS training content for restaurants and hotels in 20+ languages to reach your hospitality workforce across different locations.

User management

Make use of the different admin roles and permission settings in Trainn to limit each admin’s access to their specific responsibilities.

Personalized learning paths

Create learning paths tailored to meet the training needs of your employees based on their jobs, responsibilities, and locations. For eg, learning portals for front-house operations will differ from those of managers.

Branding customizations

From your LMS domain to the fonts and logo, design your Restaurant Academy to reflect your restaurant’s theme and culture.

Assessment and evaluation

Make hospitality training interactive and engaging with quizzes, tests, discussion threads, and built-in assessments.


Automatically reward learners with course completion certifications or certifications designed to boost the skills of restaurant professionals in their careers.

Analytics and Reporting

Track learner-level, course-level, and training program metrics to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of your Restaurant LMS training.

Built-in Content Authoring and Management

  • 👉 Create multimedia-rich learning materials –short videos, PDFs, and structured courses. Or upload existing restaurant training content that you have.

  • 👉 Localize training content in 20+ languages using Trainn’s text to speech convertor . Add voice-overs and subtitles in global languages to connect with your global workforce.

  • 👉 Keep training content up-to-date with your latest developments in menu and policy changes. Trainn lets you update your training content on the go without recreating the content from scratch.

  • 👉 No-code LMS Course Creation Builder: Forget learning how to code. The Course Builder helps you create chapters and group them into courses with ease.

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Built-in Content Authoring and Management | Trainn | LMS for restaurant industry

Personalized learning paths

  • 👉 Trainn's advanced rule-based segmentation engine to deliver learner portals tailored to meet the training needs of different teams –front desk, managers, kitchen staff, etc.

  • 👉 Segment your learners based on role, country, and other customized fields of your preference, and personalize your entire learning portal without creating multiple URLs.

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Personalized learning paths | Trainn | LMS for restaurant industry

Assessment & certifications to increase course completions (with image)

  • 👉 Quiz Builder helps you offer quizzes and exams to test user knowledge and improvise hospitality training.

  • 👉 Built-in Certifications Generator lets you design and reward learners with your branded certifications. Configure your certification validity and set alerts when it’s time to re-certify.

  • 👉 Automatically notify learners about compliance training renewals, course enrollments, and due dates.

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Assessment & certifications to increase course completions | Trainn | LMS for restaurant industry

Analytics and reporting
(with image)

  • 👉 Get granular insights on each learner’s engagement, behavior, and progress.

  • 👉 Dive deep into how well your restaurant courses are performing, and how learners are progressing through courses.

  • 👉 Retention Cohort Analysis: Track the behavior of learners who signed up for your Restaurant LMS academy over 12 weeks. Identify areas where you need to improve your training content to retain learners better.

  • 👉 Trainn’s LMS for Restaurants can be easily integrated with other enterprise applications such as your POS or CRM to pull training data into your systems.

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Analytics and reporting | Trainn | LMS for restaurant industry

The Trainn Advantage

Benefits of Trainn LMS for Restaurants
Zero code LMS

Forget asking engineering favors or learning how to code. Trainn LMS for restaurants and hotels is zero-code. Effortlessly build courses, update training, and access analytics.

Built-in authoring

Trainn LMS for restaurants offers a robust content authoring interface, ensuring you don’t need to hire expensive agencies or find another tool for LMS course creation.

Always-human support

Build and maintain the Restaurant LMS of your dreams with Trainn’s dedicated onboarding, support, and customer success team. Our help is available 24*5.

Affordable LMS

Trainn is the most affordable and the best LMS for Restaurants, with a free trial account to test everything, with plans starting from $499.


Trainn LMS for restaurants grows with you. As you scale, Trainn can seamlessly accommodate any number of learners without breaking the bank.

Enterprise-level security

Trainn meets the ISO and GDPR security requirements. Rest well knowing your confidential and proprietary data is secure.

Real-life success stories from Trainn customers
Trainn | Customer training built on Trainn

Our team successfully reduced the time taken to create training videos by 70%.

From 7 days to create a quality video to 7 videos in a day. Trainn video creation has catalyzed our efforts. We created 1000+ videos in multiple languages.

- Shambhavi Pandey, Lead Customer Research @ Posist

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asked questions

What are the must-have features that I need to look for while evaluating an LMS for restaurants?

Here are the features that are non-negotiables when it comes to the best LMS for restaurants:

  • Support for mobile-friendly learning
  • Content creation
  • Tracking and reporting L&D analytics
  • User management
  • Certification and assessments
  • White-label
  • Integrations with POS
  • Security
  • White-glove customer support and onboarding assistance

Does Trainn LMS support multiformat content (i.e., videos, text, audio, etc.)?

Can Trainn LMS for restaurants scale with your organization’s needs?

Is the Trainn Restaurant LMS cloud-based or on-premises?

How user-friendly is Trainn’s LMS for restaurants?

Here are the features that are non-negotiables when it comes to the best LMS for restaurants:

  • Support for mobile-friendly learning
  • Content creation
  • Tracking and reporting L&D analytics
  • User management
  • Certification and assessments
  • White-label
  • Integrations with POS
  • Security
  • White-glove customer support and onboarding assistance

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