Deliver Tailored, Handcrafted Training with Learner Portals

Your customers are unique!

You cannot treat every customer of yours the same way. Personalize the LMS learning experience by creating learner portals tailored to meet the needs of different user profiles.

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create versatile learning content | LMS learner portal

Personalize learning at scale

Whether it's 1000 or 10,000 customers, personalize the learning experience by persona, plan tier, team, etc. – without hiring more training reps. Personalize the Academy experience by creating different learning paths tailored to meet the needs of each of your user profiles.

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One LMS to train different target audiences

One Learner Portal that enables you to configure your training differently for your target audiences – customer/employee/ partner training. Establish condition-based rules to determine which content should be displayed to each customer.

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Reduce Churn, Retain More

Create personalized learning environments that make your learners feel like it is handmade for them. Targeted training helps turn customers into power users. All without writing a single line of code.

The LMS Purpose-built for SaaS with Personalized Learner Portals

Trainn LMS is a customer education platform that helps customer-facing teams offer multiple learning environments to deliver personalized training at scale.

Advanced Segmentation

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    Craft custom learner portals in your LMS to fit diverse user profiles by utilizing Trainn's advanced rule-based segmentation engine.

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    Segment your learners based on domain, role, country, and other customized fields of your preference, and personalize your entire learning portal without having to create multiple URLs.

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    With Trainn, you can set up a bespoke customer training Academy with localized courses, certifications, and analytics without typing a single line of code.

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Take Complete Brand Control

Manage Content at Scale

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Customer training built on Trainn

Thanks to the learner portals, Posist has implemented two levels of structured training. Level 1 is basic training relevant to front-house operations and report management. Level 2 is specialized training for managers

- Shambhavi Pandey, Lead Customer Research - Posist

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All-in-one LMS learner portal Tool
Ranked as G2’s High Performing LMS for Customer Training

Your customers will rave about you cause our customers rave about Trainn.

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Trainn | LMS learner portal
Trainn | LMS learner portal
Trainn | LMS learner portal
Trainn | LMS learner portal
Trainn | LMS learner portal

Make Customers Feel Special with Learner Portals Personalized for Them on Trainn LMS.

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