About Us

We are Vivek & Sumana, the co-founders of Trainn. We come from tech & creative backgrounds based in Chennai. Our pragmatic vision is to make sure softwares have great product adoption. While software companies are working hard to have product-led-growth. Product education & awareness is an important piece in product lifecycle for customer activation & retention. Hence, our mission is to help software companies train people to become power-user of their softwares.

Why are we building Trainn?

With the rising trend of video consumption, we believe videos are a great medium to educate & train people. But we found a gap that there are not much product video creation tools or video-first product onboarding platforms. So we went and built one. With Trainn you can create product training videos including product walkthroughs and host as a training academy or embed within your product as structured learning paths during onboarding process.

Planning to get in touch with us?

You can email us support@trainn.co

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