Finally, the user-friendly Tango competitor you’ve been looking for to create your customer onboarding, training, and support content.

Trainn is the #1 Tango competitor that’s more than just a guides creation tool. You can create and launch modern training programs in one easy dashboard.

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Trainn | Tangoalternative

5 reasons Why

Trainn is the best Tango Alternative

  • Trainn's AI model
  • Modern training teams require more than just PDF guides & interactive walkthroughs
  • Built for customer-facing teams
  • Trainn combines training content creation with limitless distribution
  • Great product, with a price point you wouldn't believe

Trainn's AI model is the best at creating training guides

Once you record your screen, it is true that both Tango and Trainn automatically create descriptions for your steps.

But Trainn’s AI model goes a few steps above to create meaningful descriptions for the actions to take in your product. This ensures your customers understand the context of each step. Here’s an example to show you the difference:

Trainn | Best Tangoalternative Trainn | Best Tangoalternative

Modern training teams require more than just PDF guides & interactive walkthroughs

Both Trainn and Tango empower users to create guides and interactive walkthroughs.

But there’s a limit to just using guides for training!

Trainn offers you a no-code content creation suite custom-built to create multiformat training content that addresses and engages all your customer's training needs.

Trainn | Best Tangoalternative

Built for customer-facing teams

Customers exhibit diverse learning preferences - some favor videos, others prefer support documentation, and some thrive on interactive walkthroughs.

A comprehensive training program caters to these varied needs.

While Tango confines you to interactive walkthroughs, Trainn offers a way to enhance the effectiveness of your interactive walkthroughs.

Here’s how you can create a comprehensive training program with Trainn:

Create an interactive walkthrough to show your customers how to use a particular feature

Create a short walkthrough video on how the feature works in real-time and its impact on the product workflow

Offer Support documentation that provides detailed explanations and troubleshooting guidance for a range of queries and scenarios.


Trainn combines training content creation with limitless distribution

With Tango, guide distribution is limited to link sharing, exporting, and embedding with external platforms

Apart from the above options, Trainn redefines training content distribution with :

  • 👉 Embed guides with your external platforms

  • 👉 Internally host on Trainn’s Knowledge base- to create self-service resources for your customers

  • 👉 Import guides as a course with an LMS Academy (custom branded)

Trainn | Best Tangoalternative

Great product, with a price point you wouldn't believe

Tango offers its pro version at $20 per user- Guide Creation & Analytics

Trainn offers its whole content creation suite (product training videos + interactive guides + article+ analytics) at $25 per user (minimum 4 users required)

Convinced, but want to persuade your management to consider Trainn?
Here’s a cheat sheet

TangoAlternative - Trainn | Customer Education Platform Trainn | TangoAlternative
Training Content Creation Suite
Guides + Interactive Walkthroughs
Screen + webcam recording

(Requires 3rd Party Integration)

Create Video Presentations

(Requires 3rd Party Integration )

Article Authoring Tool

(Requires 3rd Party Integration )

Guides & Interactive Walkthroughs
AI Powered Guide Creation
AI Generated Guide Description
Automatic Interactive Walkthroughs
Guides Analytics
Custom Branding

(In Pro & Above)

Share links, Export PDF Guides
Embed with Knowledge Base

(Possible internally + With External Providers)

(External Knowledge Base Required)

Internally Import as Lessons with LMS

(External LMS Required)

Editing Interactive Guides & Walkthroughs
Zoom Feature
Crop, Add Shapes, Text, Colour

(Business & Above offers automatic blurs)

Editing - Training Content Creation Suite
Create Video Training Content
Sleek video editor
Trim, split, and crop
Automatic zoom and spotlights
Custom layouts
Intro & outro images
Annotations (objects, text)
Learner-level analytics
Video chaptering
CTA button
Brand customization
Audio & Voice Overs
Automated AI Voiceovers
Multi-language voice-overs
Adjust pronunciation, pause, pitch, speed & volume
Accents and tones
Record your voice
Add/upload background music
Automated & editable subtitles
Clone videos in multiple languages instantly

Tango vs. Trainn

Which is right for me?

Tango is built for knowledge management within internal teams to boost software knowledge & adoption

However, when it comes to interactive guides for customer training, Trainn stands out as the #1 choice. From creating guides, videos, and documentation articles, to amping up your distribution game with Trainn’s built-in branded video portals and academy. Trainn is the ultimate customer training solution you’ve been seeking!!

Be part of this modern training revolution

Customer training built on Trainn

People are feeling more pressed for time. The team used Scribe to create PDF training guides. But customers always ended us asking for quick 1-minute tutorial videos to learn the product.

It took exactly 45 days to create over 100 tutorial videos, review, and publish the Learning Center on Trainn. Having somebody record voice-overs for 100 videos wasn't sustainable. The automated text-to-voice converter is the deal-breaker.

Read the full case study here

- Sabina Rana I Dangal, Head of Support, BuildOps

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