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β€œTrainn is at the epicentre of our onboarding and support process…

Raghu Kashyap | Co-founder and CTO
  • Plug-n-play videos
  • Video Hub
  • No-code Academy

Plug-n-play videos

Copy οΌ‹ Paste the embed code to easily plug videos on your product, on a page, or to the entire world. Update your videos, without having to change codes.

Embed videos across different channels


Offer quick video tutorials at points of friction where customers run into trouble.

Marketing touchpoints

Add product videos to your website, bots, newsletters, social media.

Product tours

Embed feature explainer videos within product tours for time-starved customers.

Knowledge base

Power your knowledge base or Help Center with how-to videos for faster responses.

Video Hub

Give all your product videos a central home using Trainn's Video Hub. Organize your on-demand training videos, feature walkthroughs, how-to videos into standalone video pages or libraries.

Group videos into a Video Hub

Lead-generation pages

Turn your webinars, walkthrough videos, customer stories into a SEO-friendly pages to collect leads.

Customer Onboarding Journey

Send a playlist of onboarding videos to help your new users get started with your product without waiting.

Video Help Center

Create a Video Hub that answers FAQs and customer support tickets faster and offer product support proactively.


Offer a structured Learning Center to help customers boost their skills and get the most out of your product. Build content, organize, and deliver a thorough Customer Training Portal with zero-code.

LMS Academy built for scale

Train customers with personalized courses, bite-sized tutorials, and built-in assessments.

Customized learning portals

Create personalized programs based on customer roles, teams, and company needs.

Built-in certification generator

Let your pro customers make their knowledge official with verified certifications.

Communities and forums

Allow customers to start discussions with peers, and interact with experts for solutions.

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