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Finally, a Skilljar alternative without ridiculous prices or developer dependencies.

Looking for a Skilljar alternative? Meet Trainn — a comprehensive Customer Education platform that makes building and maintaining an Academy a breeze — at a fraction of the price.

  • Built-in video authoring
  • Certifications engine
  • Learner portal
  • Molecular reports
Posist Academy built on Trainn | Skilljar alternative BuildOps Academy built on Trainn | Skilljar alternative WebEngage Academy built on Trainn | Skilljar alternative


Trainn is the best Skilljar alternative.

  • Built-in Content Authoring
  • Zero Developer Dependency
  • Personalised Learning at Scale
  • Adapting to Modern Needs
  • Affordable Pricing

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The only Skilljar alternative with a built-in video authoring tool:

Skilljar Academy is mainly geared towards content delivery and tech-stack integrations.

Trainn offers a robust content authoring interface that lets you create training videos. From automated voice-overs and subtitles, to publishing them in multiple languages — this Skilljar alternative makes sure you don’t need to find another tool for content creation.

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Build an Academy with zero developer favors:

Skilljar Academy might be worth the buck if you have a bunch of spare developers and time to spend.

With Trainn, you can set up a bespoke customer training Academy with localized courses, certifications, and analytics without typing a single line of code. When using the best Skilljar alternative, there is no need to depend on engineers or designers. Period.

Trainn | Best Skilljar Alternative

Skilljar is well suited for a basic customer education platform but…

if you don’t have access to internal development resources, customization can be very challening…

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Personalize the Academy experience based on user profiles:

Don't let a massive platform like Skilljar treat every customer of yours the same way.

Trainn lets you personalize the Academy based on the user’s profile. Courses relevant to a CSM might not be to a Sales Ops. Offer personalized learning experiences at scale without adding resource headcount by choosing the right Skilljar alternative — Trainn.

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To Skilljar, it's still 2013

Times have changed, but Skilljar Academy hasn't. According to Skilljar customers, you must know CSS to customize the look and feel of your Academy.

A truly modern Skilljar alternative. Trainn's interface is modern and easier to customize, even for the most complex use cases. Everything from our pricing plan to help docs is easy to understand.

Trainn | Best Skilljar Alternative

Skilljar is good for organizing courses & monitoring analytics but...

not the easiest to use. I don't like how un-intuitive it is to use. Publishing courses can be confusing. Learning paths are limited.

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Bonus reason: simple pricing that’s fair, not low

Skilljar gives custom quotes upon request. There is no free trial to experience the features first-hand.

On the other hand, Trainn is the most affordable tool, with a free account to test everything , with plans starting from $499. Moreover, we also offer a 14-day free trial so you experience this Skilljar alternative first-hand.

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The best Skilljar alternative for growing and scaling SaaS businesses.

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Trainn | Customer Education Platform | Skilljar Alternative
All-in-one Customer Education Platform

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Your customers will rave about you cause our customers rave about Trainn.

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Skilljar vs. Trainn

Which is right for me?

We obviously think we’re pretty great and the best Skilljar alternative, but here’s an honest answer: Both Skilljar LMS and Trainn LMS allow you to set up your academy from scratch.

Skilljar Alternative - Trainn | Customer Education Platform Trainn | Skilljar Alternative
Built-in Video Authoring
Step-by-step screen recorder
Mobile app and desktop recording edits
Multi-lingual voiceovers and multiple accents
Step-by-step video editor
Include PDFs, PPTs, and Text articles
Built-in Assessments and Certifications
Course Builder
Content Distribution Mechanisms
Hosting Pages (with single or multiple videos)
Self-serve Video Knowledge Base
Personalized Learning Hub

Requires developer support

Reporting to measure ROI
Video Analytics
Learner-level Analytics

Requires API integration

Course-level Analytics

Requires API integration

Revenue Integration Component and Other Integrations


The Key
Trainn | Best Skilljar Alternative

Skilljar LMS suite is built for traditional corporates. If you have a larger volume of customers to train, existing training content waiting to be distributed, and a team of developers to spare, then Skilljar is right for you.

Trainn, the best Skilljar alternative is thoughtfully built for growing and scaling SaaS businesses to bring customer education ops under one roof. Trainn helps to offer the personal touch of a startup and the process efficiency of an enterprise.

Lead Customer Research | Shambhavi Pandey
Customer training built on Trainn
Educating 12,000 customers through the Posist Academy feels easy
When we create a training video on Trainn, voice-overs, and narrations are included. When I use another software, I have to record the screen and then manually record my voice.
The dealbreaker was update videos on-the-go feature. When a new feature is out, you just update the slides on the video, push video live in 10 minutes, and have 12,000 customers educated in real-time.

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