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Meet Zing by Trainn – your smartscreen recorder and video editor for creating professional product videos at scale.

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Trainn | Clipchamp alternative


Trainn is the best Clipchamp alternative.

  • Designed for instructional videos
  • Smart screen recording
  • Edit with ease
  • AI voice overs
  • Video analytics
  • Keep videos evergreen
  • Track user engagement
  • Build an academy

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Designed for customer-facing instructional videos

Clipchamp meets the requirements for basic video creation. While its features make it a go-to for creating videos for TikTok or Instagram, it may not be the ideal choice for a customer-facing product.

Trainn is purpose built to create instructional videos of your digital product in minutes. It enables you to create product walkthroughs, training tutorials, and how-to videos to train customers at scale.


Smart Screen Recording for a smarter you!

ClipChamp screen recorder will help you to record your screen and face. Nothing more, nothing less!

Elevate your video endeavours effortlessly using Trainn’s smart screen recorder. Trainn automatically captures and transforms your screen interactions into visually stunning video clips, making it easier for you to edit.

Features Clipchamp alternative - Trainn | Customer Education Platform Trainn | Clipchamp alternative
Smart screen recorder
Screen + webcam recording
Video presentations
Drag & drop and edit your own files

Experience unparalleled ease in editing your videos like never before

Clipchamp's editing process can be frustrating due to the presence of one single track of video recording, resulting in the challenging task of locating, editing, and trimming specific clips within the video.

Trainn solves this beautifully. With Trainn, each click and interaction is stored as a separate clip, associated with a unique number. This functionality makes it incredibly easy to scroll back to a particular clip and perform edits with precision and efficiency.

Trainn | Clipchamp alternative
Clipchamp “Single Track” Video Editor
Trainn | Clipchamp alternative
Trainn “Clip-by-clip” Video Editor
Features Clipchamp alternative - Trainn | Customer Education Platform Trainn | Clipchamp alternative
Sleek video editor

(No Clip by Clip video track)

Trim, split, and crop
Automatic zoom and spotlights

(Blurs entire screen - No selective Blurring)

Custom layouts

(Built for social media)


(Basic colour options)

Intro & outro images
Annotations (objects, text)
Video chaptering
CTA button
Brand customization



Easily arm your videos with AI voice overs and rich audio

Clipchamp voice over feature is effective in creating text-to-speech AI voice-overs, but the challenge arises while incorporating the audio track onto your screen recording. It becomes a daunting task to align the audio file with the video recording track , lacking clear indications of synchronisation.

Trainn is the only Clipchamp alternative that eliminates this problem entirely! With Trainn, you can add your voice-overs with Trainn's text-to-speech converter clip by clip , allowing you to modify or change the voice-over script for a particular clip without affecting the rest of the video.

Features Clipchamp alternative - Trainn | Customer Education Platform Trainn | Clipchamp alternative
In-built AI text-to-speech converter
Multi-language voiceovers

(English in Multilingual accents)

Accents and tones
Record your own voice
Add / upload background music
Automated & editable subtitles
Clone videos in multiple languages instantly

Measure the impact of your videos

With Clipchamp, you can't track viewership of your videos. This limitation makes it less suitable for creating product videos, wouldn't you agree?

Well, Trainn enables you to not just create stunning videos, but also track your video engagement . Get your video analytics with a click!

Features Clipchamp alternative - Trainn | Customer Education Platform Trainn | Clipchamp alternative
Video analytics
Learner-level analytics

Keep your videos evergreen

For SaaS businesses, updating Clipchamp videos with each feature release can be a challenge. Isn't it frustrating to scroll through an entire video to find the specific part where you mentioned the feature and then re-record it?

With Trainn, making updates to your videos is a breeze! Our Clip-by-clip video generation enables you to effortlessly locate and re-record specific sections of your videos, anytime, anywhere making it a superior Clipchamp alternative for keeping videos evergreen.


Go beyond sharing. Track “Specific User Engagement”!

You can share videos through Clipchamp, but you cannot track a specific user's engagement with your video!

Trainn offers you tracking link. You can generate and send custom links to specific users & attribute engagement.

Features Clipchamp alternative - Trainn | Customer Education Platform Trainn | Clipchamp alternative
Host securely
Share links / embed codes
Branded portals
Video collection
Upload & edit videos
Priority support

(Microsoft ticket support)


Build an entire academy with your videos! Say What???

If you're a SaaS company seeking to create not only visually stunning product videos but also establish a comprehensive video collection and build an exclusive customer training academy around them, all you need is a single solution called Trainn! Talk about a sassy solution. Pun Intended!

Want to stick with Clipchamp and do the same? You can but you need more than just Clipchamp. Why burden your budget with more softwares?.

Trainn truly stands out as the top Clipchamp alternative for creating and distributing customer-facing videos of your digital product.

Clipchamp vs Trainn

So, which is right for me?

Clipchamp is a reliable option for editing your social media videos, offering a comprehensive range of features that will make you feel like counting your Instagram likes! However, it may not be the optimal choice for customer-facing teams seeking to create product walkthroughs and educational videos.

Trainn is the #1 Clipchamp alternative, purpose-built for SaaS companies looking to educate their customers with videos. Our smart screen recorder, integrated text-to-speech converter, automated zooms and spotlights, streamlined video editor, and comprehensive video analytics, are tailor made to take your digital product to the next level!

Your search for a Clipchamp alternative ends here! Trainn has got you covered!

Customer training built on Trainn

As Wingman’s capabilities grew, we wanted to ensure customers knew how to set things up without having to reach out to support. But Clipchamp videos could not scale with our aggressive customer growth. The team was still firefighting customer queries.

Read the full case study here

- Vinay Prasad, Senior CSM, Wingman by Clari

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