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Consumers are 85% more likely to make a purchase after
watching a product's video.
(Source: NeilPatel)

What is a Training video?

A training video is a visual instructional tool created to educate and teach individuals on a skill or a specific subject.

Why use a Training Video?

Help your customer succeed

Your customers prefer training videos to learn about your product. A research by Wyzowl confirms this. Offer training content at scale using Trainn’s video creation toolkit. Let your customers say goodbye to boring manuals.

Make customer training engaging

With Trainn, say goodbye to lengthy training calls and boring manuals! Effortlessly create, deliver, and manage training programs using engaging training videos that transform your customers into power users. Streamline your training process and boost customer satisfaction with Trainn's innovative approach!

Reduce repetitive support queries

Empower your customers to find the answers they seek with on-demand product training videos and how-to videos. Accessible online at their convenience, these videos enhance customer satisfaction while reducing support costs. Elevate your customer experience and support system with these informative and readily available resources!

Offer self-serve training

Consolidate all your Trainn-created training videos into a convenient self-serve training portal. Effectively train a vast, globally distributed customer base using this accessible resource. Empower your customers with the flexibility to learn at their own pace, promoting efficient learning and knowledge retention across the board.

create training videos online | Trainn

How to create a training video in 5 minutes with Trainn?

  • create training videos | record

    Install the Trainn browser extension and hit record. Trainn automatically captures your interactions to be used in the video.

  • create training videos | edit
    Edit video blocks

    Edit videos slide by slide like you create a power-point presentation.

  • create training videos | add voiceover
    Add human-like voiceover by typing

    Trainn's text-to-speech tech allows you to simply type in the script and converts it into a natural-sounding voice-over.

Introducing Trainn’s Video Creation tool

Effortlessly record your screen

Whether you need to capture a Chrome tab, window, or your entire screen, this versatile tool delivers high-resolution training video recordings. Take your presentations to the next level by combining your screen interactions with your webcam feed for a dynamic and engaging delivery that is sure to impress your audience.

Create Instructional Videos| Video creation |  Online video creator | Online video editor

Automatic clip-by-clip generation

Trainn video editor automatically captures your step-by-step screen interactions, allowing you to seamlessly edit and update your videos with ease. No more worries about merging, rearranging, reordering, or deleting clips, as Trainn simplifies the entire training video creation process, enabling you to achieve professional results effortlessly.

Create Instructional Videos| Video creation |  Online video creator | Online video editor

Zoom & spotlight effects

Elevate the quality of your videos with Trainn smart video editor that offers an array of captivating effects. With just a few clicks, you can add automatic zoom effects, transitions, spotlights, and much more. This user-friendly editor eliminates the need for video editing expertise, enabling you to enhance your content effortlessly and present polished, professional training videos.

Create Instructional Videos| Video creation |  Online video creator | Online video editor

Rich audio and AI voiceovers

No longer do you need to rely on hiring voiceover artists. Trainn incorporates an advanced text-to-speech converter powered by AI. Simply provide your script, and Trainn will transform it into captivating voice-overs available in over 20 global languages, accents, and tones. This cutting-edge feature allows you to take your training videos to new heights, saving you time and resources.

Create Instructional Videos| Video creation |  Online video creator | Online video editor

Share and promote

Experience the convenience of Trainn plug-n-play distribution feature. Easily share your training videos by copying and pasting the embed code to seamlessly integrate them into your product, web pages, or anywhere else across the internet. The best part is that you can effortlessly update your videos without the need to modify any codes, saving you valuable time and effort. Maximize the impact of your training videos with Trainn’s streamlined video distribution process.

Create Instructional Videos| Video creation |  Online video creator | Online video editor


you just created your first training video with Trainn. Looking to build a repository of training videos? Look no further!

Trainn's Video Hub is a no code platform designed to help you organize all your training videos into standalone video pages. With the ability to upload your own logo and customize the page to suit your needs, you can elevate your customer experience to new heights. These SEO-optimized pages ensure that prospective customers can easily find you.

create training videos | record create training videos | record

Trainn’s SaaS LMS provides subscription businesses with an all-in-one solution to build an enterprise-grade customer Academy. This academy is specifically designed to boost product adoption, improve customer retention, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

create training videos | record


what if you want to create an exclusive learning program for your customers?

How can SaaS companies use Training Videos?

Product adoption

Utilize training videos to to train existing and new users on adopting and seeing continuous value in your product.

Feature updates

In addition to feature update emails, keep customers visually informed and excited about new features through engaging video announcements. Ability to update existing training videos with new features, is a feature YOU must look out for!

Support ticket reduction

Clear and comprehensive training videos help customers troubleshoot issues independently, reducing the volume of support tickets.

Consistent training

Training videos ensure that all customers receive the same standardized and consistent training experience, reducing confusion and errors.

Global reach

Training videos transcend geographical barriers, allowing SaaS companies to educate and support customers worldwide.

Analytics and Feedback

Training video platforms provide insights into customer engagement and feedback, helping companies refine their training strategies.

Powerful features to create 100 Training Videos at scale effortlessly

Automated video transcription and subtitle generation

Save time and effort by automating the subtitle creation process for your 100+ training videos. With Trainn, you can effortlessly transcribe and generate subtitles for your videos, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Create training video using the Trainn training software

Keep your training videos up-to-date

AI voice overs in 20+ languages

Intro and outro template generation

Create training video using the Trainn customer training software Create personalized learning paths to onboard customers Launch a training hub using the Trainn training software zero-code customer training academy with Trainn training software

6 tips for creating engaging Training Videos

Define clear objectives

Identify what problem the training video is addressing and what action you want the viewers to take after watching it.

Demonstrate with visuals

Highlight how to use specific features by using annotations, zooms, spotlights, and text in your training videos.

Create multilingual videos

Reach your global audience by creating training videos with voiceovers and subtitles in 20+ global languages.

Personalize training content

Personalize your learners’ training experience based on user persona, user domain, company etc.

Add call-to-action button

Add a custom CTA button to your training video and prompt viewers to take a specific action – to a support channel, free trial, etc.

Analyze learners progress

Assess the training progress of learners by utilizing 360-degree analytics that analyze their advancement in learning.

Customer training built on Trainn

People are feeling more pressed for time. The team used Scribe to create PDF training guides. But customers always ended us asking quick 1-minute training videos to learn the product.

It took exactly 45 days to create over 100 training videos, review, and publish the Learning Center on Trainn. Having somebody record voice-overs for 100 videos wasn't sustainable. The automated text-to-voice converter is the deal-breaker.

- Sabina Rana I Dangal, Head of Support, BuildOps

One Platform for All Your Video Creation Needs
  • Tutorial Videos

    Don’t tell but show customers how to use your product. Create step-by-step tutorial videos in a matter of 5 minutes.
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  • Video Presentations

    Record and create your perfect Video Presentation in a matter of 5 minutes.
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  • Product Demo Videos

    Unleash the power of your product with captivating demo videos that showcase its true value!
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  • Corporate Training Videos

    Create the ultimate digital learning experience for your corporate employees.
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  • Onboarding Videos

    Use Trainn’s video creation tool to create stunning onboarding videos for your customers and employees.
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  • Sales Training Videos

    Give your sales professionals the ultimate sales education through sales training videos. Create, host and build an entire training portal to solve your sales reps training needs.
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  • Customer Service Training Videos

    Enhance your customer support team’s skills using Trainn’s video creation tool.Train your support team to offer the best customer service possible, using Trainn.
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  • Software Training Videos

    Learn how software training videos can help SaaS teams train and retain software customers using Trainn's AI-powered video creation suite.
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  • Instructional Videos

    Learn everything about instructional videos, their benefits, why SaaS companies need them, and how to create videos using Trainn's AI-powered video creation suite.
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  • Software Demo Videos

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  • Product Video for Marketing

    Learn how product videos for marketing help convert prospects and drive brand awareness. Create product videos for marketing using Trainn's AI-powered video creation suite.
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  • Business Training Videos

    Business Training Videos empower SaaS teams to onboard, train, and retail customers, employees, and business partners at scale. Create business training videos on Trainn’s video creation suite.
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asked questions

How can I create a good training video?

Good training videos are easy-to-follow. Creating a good training video requires planning, structure, and engagement. Start with outlining the content and objectives of your training video. Use visuals, annotations, and demonstrations to keep learners interested.

Why do I need training videos?

How long should a training video be?

What is SaaS software training?

What is the best software to create training videos?

Good training videos are easy-to-follow. Creating a good training video requires planning, structure, and engagement. Start with outlining the content and objectives of your training video. Use visuals, annotations, and demonstrations to keep learners interested.

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