Create Instructional Videos

Record, edit, and publish professional looking instructional videos with voiceovers with Trainn. Use them to empower customers to adopt and use your product successfully.

How to Create an Instructional Video in 5 Mins with Trainn?

  • create training videos | record

    Install the Trainn browser extension and hit record. Trainn captures your interactions into an instructional video.

  • create training videos | edit
    Add AI voiceovers

    Trainn adds AI voiceovers based on the product interactions recorded during the screen capture.

  • create training videos | add voiceover
    Edit video

    Edit videos slide by slide. It is as simple as making a PowerPoint

  • step-four | | Video creation |  Online video creator | Online video editor

    Publish your video in seconds. Copy+paste the embed code to share your videos with anyone, anywhere - in just one click.

All the Features to Help Busy Teams
Go From Creation to Distribution

AI-Powered Video Creation

  • Smart Capture

    Trainn automatically captures your screen interactions and converts them into video clips to make editing a breeze.

  • Record any workflow

    Turn any product workflow/on-screen interactions into an instructional video. Record your Chrome tab, window, or full screen in high resolution.

  • Full HD

    Record stunning Full HD, 1080p quality videos by default. Downscale to 720p resolutions in a click.

  • In-built AI text-to-speech converter

    Trainn’s AI captures your product workflows and auto-generates humanised voiceovers, eliminating the need to manually type them out or record them yourself

  • Multi-language voiceovers and voice styles

    Clone your videos in 20+ languages, customize voiceover accent, tone, style, and pitch effortlessly.

  • Closed captions and subtitles

    Trainn automatically adds subtitles to your video based on the interactions you performed in the recording.

  • In-built AI text-to-speech convertor

    Turn your script into humanised AI voice-overs in one click. Generate voiceovers in any language, accent, and tone.

  • Automatic zoom and spotlights

    Our smart video editor automatically adds zooms and spotlights to jazz up your instructional videos. Use the editor to fine-tune it to your liking.

  • Video timeline editor

    From trimming to splitting, use our modern and uncluttered clip timeline and enjoy advanced editing controls.

  • Blur sensitive info

    Blur sensitive info you don't wanna show in just a click, and ensure your screen recordings are safe to share with a wider audience.

  • Video layouts

    Choose from 16 different layouts that work for you. Break out of the camera bubble.

  • Custom backgrounds

    Lighten up your video with a pleasant background image and border style of your choice.

  • Custom intros and outros

    Add intro and outro templates to your instructional videos to make them look consistent.

  • Video Annotation

    Draw objects (shapes, arrows, texts) on videos easily. No editing skills are required.

  • Video chapters

    Organize your videos as Chapters and embed them in your knowledge base, LMS courses, onboarding flow, and more.

  • Custom Video CTAs

    Add CTAs to your instructional videos to direct viewers to their next steps.

  • Automated Gen AI Summaries

    Trainn analyzes your product interactions during recording, automatically generating a custom video title and summary


  • Shareable with link & embed

    Share videos using links. Or copy+paste embed codes to insert videos for playback on your website, product, or where your customers are.

  • Multi-format exporting

    Export your instructional videos as GIFS, PDFs, Images, MP4s, transcripts, SRT & VTT format

  • Video analytics

    Get granular insights on each video’s performance, engagement, and progress.

  • Video feedback collection

    Collect feedback through emoji reactions and comments

  • Branded Knowledge Base

    Create instructional videos, and articles and host as a knowledge base with your brand elements.

Powerful features to create 100 instructional videos at scale effortlessly

AI-generated video summaries and titles

Typing out summaries for your 100+ instructional videos can be time-consuming, effort-intensive, and exhausting. Trainn’s AI analyzes your product actions and automatically generates video summaries and titles that capture the content of your video perfectly.

Create training video using the Trainn training software

Keep 100+ instructional videos up-to-date

Clone a video in 20+ languages using AI voiceovers

Intro and outro template generation without designer favors

Create training video using the Trainn customer training software Create personalized learning paths to onboard customers Launch a training hub using the Trainn training software zero-code customer training academy with Trainn training software

People are feeling more pressed for time. Our customers always ask for quick 1-minute tutorial videos to learn the product. It took exactly 45 days to create over 100 tutorial videos, review, and publish the Learning Center on Trainn. Now we have a self-serve resource that customers can lean on and learn from.

Sabina Rana I Dangal

Head of Support


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One Platform for All Your Video Creation Needs
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asked questions

What is an Instructional Video?

An Instructional video is a visual tool designed to teach viewers how to perform a task, or explain a specific process or concept. They are effective tools for Saas companies to enhance customer onboarding, improve product adoption, and reduce churn.

Who should use instructional videos?

What makes a great instructional video?

How do you make a simple instructional video?

How to make an instructional video with screen recording?

An Instructional video is a visual tool designed to teach viewers how to perform a task, or explain a specific process or concept. They are effective tools for Saas companies to enhance customer onboarding, improve product adoption, and reduce churn.