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Wingman + Trainn Journey

The Wingman Academy - How Wingman Uses Trainn to Onboard Customers Faster

The Problem

Wingman wanted to onboard new customers faster without straining
its CSM bandwidth.

The Solution

Wingman built and launched
The Wingman Academy on Trainn bringing its customers' onboarding experience to new heights.
The Problem

Aggressive Scaling and Firefighting Support Queries

Halfway through the pandemic, the workforce around the world dramatically shifted from in-office to work-from-home. This put a strain on the dispersed sales teams, who now wanted a first-hand view of customer reactions from sales calls. Wingman rose to the occasion!

Traffic to Wingman went through the roof. Wingman started scaling aggressively — both in acquiring new customers and in expanding its product capabilities. As a result, support queries first doubled, then tripled. With every passing day, the small team at Wingman realized they were firefighting day and night to handle queries. Support docs and onboarding tours could not keep pace with their fast-changing product features.

"It is more powerful when you ask a customer to listen to a 1-minute product video rather than a 24-30 minutes video altogether
or make him read a solution article."

Vinay Prasad
Customer Success Manager

Wingman wanted to help customers onboard without straining its resource bandwidth. Most importantly, they wanted a solution to educate customers at scale, without the team being available 24*7.

Loom videos could not scale with Wingman’s aggressive customer growth. The team was still firefighting customer queries.

Why Loom Was Not Scalable

Loom videos couldn’t handle repetitive support queries:
In the early days, the Customer Success team used Loom videos to address very specific customer asks. Eventually, customer queries became redundant. Loom was good for ad-hoc stuff but not for driving faster resolutions for customers.

Need for structured customer training
Serving the global market, Wingman wanted to offer a structured approach to training customers. They wanted to categorize onboarding videos to complement every stage of the customer onboarding journey.

The Solution

The Wingman Academy to the Rescue

Wingman needed a solution to create and use onboarding videos:
1. to scale customer support as it expanded its product offerings
2. to enable customers with a self-serve onboarding experience

As Wingman’s capabilities grew, we wanted to ensure customers knew how to set things up without having to reach out to support.

Kesava Mandiga
Product Marketing Manager

After evaluating Trainn against Tolstoy, the team zeroed in on Trainn. The #1 reason they picked Trainn was that updating videos with new product releases felt effortless.

The Wingman Academy for onboarding was born. Wingman used Trainn to create and edit product onboarding videos, grouped them based on stages in the customer journey, and launched the Wingman Academy.

The Results:

1. Offering proactive support:
The Support team at Wingman uses how-to videos hosted on the Wingman Academy to bring down conversation volumes for FAQs.

2. Making self-serve onboarding a breeze for customers:
Today, Wingman offers support docs, product tours, and a structured Wingman Academy to give the customer a buffet of onboarding options to choose from.

The onboarding videos of the Academy enable:
i) Trial users to make the most of Wingman’s product
ii) new customers to self-discover features.

3. Wingman Academy is 24x7 avalaible:
As a small team, Wingman cannot afford a dedicated CSM for its start-up customers. Instead, the Wingman Academy serves as a Customer Success partner to educate and strengthen these customers’ adoption.

Helping our customers understand everything they can do with Wingman is increasingly important as we add powerful new features. The Wingman Academy ensures our customers benefit fully from the product.

Kesava Mandiga
Product Marketing Manager

Using Trainn, Wingman serves as a strong partner to educate its customers. And that was the beginning of what they call Wingman’s Journey with Trainn.

Customer Education made easy.

Create product walkthroughs, launch a dedicated Customer Academy, offer certified training programs —turn customers into raving fans.