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97% of people think that video is an
effective tool to welcome and educate new customers .

What is an onboarding video?

Onboarding videos as the name suggests welcomes you on-board to a new service or product. Due to the highly engaging nature of videos, it plays a huge role in educating customers and employees on the facets of the offering, making it a smooth experience for them.

Be it your customer shouting “Uhhh. I don't know where to start with this product” or your employee wondering “What exactly do they mean by company culture”, all these doubts can be addressed with onboarding videos.

Top 6 benefits of onboarding videos

Easy Knowledge Transfer

An onboarding video aims to inform users about the product by offering a visual demonstration of its functionality. This form of knowledge transfer proves highly effective in enhancing comprehension and information retention, making it one of the most effective ways to educate users about the product.

Time and cost efficiency

Imagine a Customer success manager conducting 1-1 onboarding calls for every single customer. Rather let the CSM create onboarding videos to automate customer onboarding and spend her core time focusing on product adoption and retention.

Consistent messaging

In the age of omnichannel experience, ensuring consistent messaging across all platforms is crucial. An onboarding video can help in achieving this goal by eliminating the potential for human error and maintaining an unified message about product details, company missions, values, and expectations.

Multilingual and global reach

In the era of global workforce, it is important to cater to the needs of all communities. Using onboarding videos, with the ability to change languages and accents with the click of a button helps make your customers and employees feel valued, improving your product adoption and employer branding.


Onboarding videos allow organizations to educate a large number of employees simultaneously, making it easier to onboard new hires or roll out training programs across departments.

Enhancing customer engagement

Onboarding videos can help boost user and customer engagement, as they are more captivating and memorable than written text or static images. By capturing the viewer's attention and maintaining their interest, these videos prove highly effective in highlighting the product's value and benefits.

create onboarding videos online | Trainn

How to create an onboarding video with Trainn in 5 mins?

  • create onboarding videos | record

    Install the Trainn chrome extension record your screen, camera or upload your files and record.

  • create onboarding videos | edit
    Integrate your voiceovers

    Use our Text-to-speech converter to convert your script into realistic voice overs or add your own. Or record your own voice in studio quality

  • create onboarding videos | add voiceover

    Edit your onboarding video. Zero editing skills needed. Add automatic transitions, spotlights, blur, zoom and more.

  • create onboarding videos | add voiceover

    Publish your video in seconds. Copy+paste the embed code to share your videos with anyone, anywhere - in just one click.

Introducing Trainn’s Video Creation tool

Smart screen recording

Trainn offers an ideal video editing and creation solution for SaaS professionals seeking to create the best onboarding videos. Instead of juggling multiple tools like Premier Pro and hiring a dedicated video editor, Trainn provides all the essential benefits in a single platform.

Easily install Trainn's chrome extension to effortlessly record your screen or upload pre-existing videos, and edit them seamlessly with professional ease. Simplify your video editing process and achieve top-quality onboarding videos with minimal effort.

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Editing like a pro without prior experience

Trainn is a universal platform allowing you to create stunning videos for user, customer and employee onboarding. Our video editor perfectly captures each click and interaction as separate clips, within the video track, allowing you to effortlessly track and edit each clip with ease.

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Tools to create engaging videos and aide in retention of learners

Visual effects add the spark that makes your content more interesting and engaging!p

Zoom : Trainn automatically zooms in to your area of interaction, creating a more visually appealing and focused video that highlights critical details.

Spotlight Effect: Trainn incorporates a spotlight visual effect that directs your learners' attention to each click and interaction on your tool. This feature helps learners stay focused on the essential elements.

Blur: During video creation, Trainn allows you to blur specific sections like login information. You can effortlessly blur single or multiple portions of the video with just a simple mouse drag, ensuring data privacy and security.

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Multilingual Training content

Trainn allows you to create onboarding videos in 20 global languages, with personalized control over pitch, volume, speed of speech, and accent, ensuring a tailored learning experience.

The automatic text-to-speech converter in Trainn facilitates seamless clip editing through our clip-by-clip video editor, streamlining the entire process. You can also add your voiceovers by uploading an mp3 or directly recording on Trainn. You can now stop relying on voice over artists and third party voiceover services.

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Sharing and hosting your onboarding videos

Embed your onboarding videos into your product, web pages, or anywhere on the internet with ease. Update your videos seamlessly without modifying any codes, maximizing the impact of your product demos and promotional content. Add CTAs to capture leads and grow your business.

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Distribute your onboarding videos!

You don't want your meticulously crafted onboarding videos to be limited by accessibility issues.

If you aim to establish a comprehensive hub of onboarding videos with full customization, enabling you to host an entire collection of videos on an elegant, on-brand page and showcase on-demand onboarding videos, tutorials, and training content, Trainn's Video Hub is the ideal choice.

create onboarding videos | record create onboarding videos | record


For those seeking more than just a hub but the ability to build a scalable and personalized onboarding academy

How can Saas companies use onboarding videos?

User onboarding

A user is an individual that uses your product to achieve a particular task. User onboarding videos guide the user on the functionalities and features that help them to start using the product effectively. The goal is to improve the proficiency of the user.

Customer onboarding

Customer onboarding videos are designed to support and nurture a new customer who has purchased your product. By showcasing seamless onboarding experiences, SaaS companies can boost customer confidence, reduce barriers to adoption, and ultimately drive higher customer retention and satisfaction.

Employee onboarding

Introducing topics such as company culture, KPIs, diversity policies etc. through a video onboarding can be a visually captivating and interactive approach, making the information more accessible and memorable for new hires.

Powerful features to create 100 onboarding videos at scale effortlessly

Automated video transcription and subtitle generation

Save time and effort by automating the subtitle creation process for your 100+ training videos. With Trainn, you can effortlessly transcribe and generate subtitles for your videos, eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Create onboarding videos using the Trainn customer onboarding software

Keep your onboarding videos up-to-date

AI voice overs in 20+ languages

Intro and outro template generation

Create onboarding videos using the Trainn customer onboarding software Create personalized learning paths to onboard customers Launch a onboarding hub using the Trainn onboarding software zero-code customer onboarding academy with Trainn onboarding software

6 tips for creating engaging onboarding videos

Define clear objectives

Identify what problem the onboarding video is addressing and what action you want the viewers to take after watching it.

Demonstrate with visuals

Highlight how to use specific features by using annotations, zooms, spotlights, and text in your onboarding videos.

Create multilingual videos

Reach your global audience by creating onboarding videos with voiceovers and subtitles in multiple languages.

Personalize your onboarding content

Personalize your learners experience based on user persona, user domain, company etc.

Add call-to-action button

Add a custom CTA button to your onboarding video and prompt viewers to take a specific action – to a support channel, free trial, etc.

Analyze learners progress

Assess the progress of learners by utilizing 360-degree analytics that analyze their advancement in learning.

Customer training built on Trainn

People are feeling more pressed for time. The team used Scribe to create PDF onboarding guides. But customers always ended us asking quick 1-minute onboarding videos to learn the product.

It took exactly 45 days to create over 100 onboarding videos, review, and publish the Learning Center on Trainn. Having somebody record voice-overs for 100 videos wasn't sustainable. The automated text-to-voice converter is the deal-breaker.

- Sabina Rana I Dangal, Head of Support, BuildOps

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asked questions

What is an onboarding video?

An onboarding video is a multimedia tool used by organizations to introduce and orientate new employees, customers, or users to their roles, products, or services. It provides essential information about the company's culture, policies, procedures, job expectations, or product functionalities in a visually engaging and efficient manner.

How do I create an onboarding video?

What should an onboarding video include?

What is the purpose of an onboarding video?

What is the best onboarding video tool?

An onboarding video is a multimedia tool used by organizations to introduce and orientate new employees, customers, or users to their roles, products, or services. It provides essential information about the company's culture, policies, procedures, job expectations, or product functionalities in a visually engaging and efficient manner.

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