How To Make Interactive Training Videos: A Complete Guide

Learn how to make training videos and discover the best software to use. Enhance your customer education strategy with Trainn.

How To Make Interactive Training Videos: A Complete Guide

Did you know training videos, online courses, or e-learning increase the learning pace by 40-60%? That's right!

Yet, if you're a B2B SaaS business owner, you know the work that goes into achieving these statistics. After all, delivering effective customer education is no joke.

Training videos have become the go-to method for educating customers. This is because of their convenience and effectiveness. These videos are engaging and offer the flexibility of learning anytime, anywhere. Plus, by using well-crafted training videos, you can ensure better knowledge retention.

The result? A memorable learning experience for your audience.

In this article, we'll provide a step-by-step guide on how to make training videos. Further, we'll also share some of our favorite tools to help with video creation. So, let's dive right in!

What Makes a Good Training Video?

Training videos are your secret weapon to communicate complex concepts quickly. Here's what you should consider on how to make training videos:

Keep it short and sweet:

Your viewers have limited attention spans. So, break down your content into bite-sized portions. This way, you'll prevent information overload and keep your audience engaged.

Say goodbye to complicated jargon:

Clear and concise language is the key to good training. This way, your viewers can easily understand what you're trying to convey. Speak their language, and they'll be hanging onto your every word.

Use visual elements:

Visual aids such as eye-catching animations, diagrams, and screen recordings enhance comprehension. They also add a touch of excitement to your content.

Bring real-life examples and scenarios into play:

Show practical applications of your product or service. This helps viewers connect the dots and see how it all fits together.

How to Make Interactive Training Videos

Your basics are now clear. It's time to dive into the step-by-step process of how to make professional training videos!

Set clear objectives and define your target audience

Before you start, know what you want to achieve with your video and who you're creating it for. This will guide your content and ensure it resonates with your viewers.

Plan the video structure and create a storyboard

Outline the main sections and topics you want to cover. A storyboard acts as your visual roadmap. It helps you organize your thoughts and visualize the flow of your video.

Record the video

It's time to hit that record button! Use reliable screen recording tools like Trainn to capture your content. Also, ensure good lighting and clear audio. If you appear in the video, do ensure a professional appearance.

Enhance the video with visual aids, annotations, and captions

Bring your video to life by adding visually engaging elements. Tools like PowerPoint or Adobe After Effects offer a range of features to make your content pop.

Add interactive elements for increased engagement

Transform your video into an interactive experience. Tools like Wondershare DemoCreator can be your partners in this. They allow you to add clickable buttons, branching scenarios, and interactive quizzes. These can keep your audience hooked.

Edit the video

Trim video, crop video, or optimize audio, and make your video flow seamlessly. You can seamlessly do all that and more using Trainn’s slide-by-slide video editor.

Export and share with the intended audience

Choose the right video format and resolution for your target platform. Upload your video to popular hosting platforms like YouTube. You can also embed it on your website or learning management system for easy access.

Best Software to Make Training Videos

Creating effective training videos may sound like a lot of work. But, with the video editing tools, video tutorials, video templates, and training software available today, they don't seem far. Some of the best video editing software available today are:


With Zing by Trainn, you can create amazing animation videos of your digital product in just 5 minutes. You can record, edit, add voiceovers, share videos, and more.

All you need to do is launch Trainn’s Chrome extension and walk through your screen to record it.

Trainn will automatically capture the step-by-step actions into video clips for easy access. It also allows you to add text-to-speech to videos. For this purpose, it automatically turns your scripts into voiceovers. Lastly, using Trainn’s analytics dashboard, you can see how your video is performing.

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Zoom is a popular video conferencing platform. You can use it to conduct live training sessions and record them for future use. But how to make a training video with Zoom? It’s easy β€” share your screen, engage with participants, and record the entire session.

It's a convenient option for interactive training with real-time audience interaction. Zoom also offers flexibility for Q&A sessions and interactive discussions. If you're not sure about its effectiveness, you can always sign up for a free version to create a free video.


Microsoft PowerPoint is a widely used tool for creating slide-based presentations. You must be thinking, β€œHow to make a training video using Power Point?”

Here’s how β€” Simply record your presentation using PowerPoint's built-in recording features. Or, use screen recording software to capture your slides in action. You can also leverage it on how to make training videos. Use it to add voiceovers, annotations, or animations to your slides.

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora allows you to access over 800 editing effects at your fingertips. Use these to add music, text, filters, and more. You can even control the speed of the narration with this tool. Or blend instructional videos together for a seamless viewing experience!

It also allows you to choose from a wide range of royalty-free media to enhance your training videos. This can help you make them visually appealing and engaging.

Additionally, you also get access to Wondershare DemoCreator, Filmora's online screencasting tool. This tool helps you capture your screen, record voiceovers, and annotate your videos.

Congratulations! You've learned how to make software training videos that captivate your audience.

Remember to leverage Trainn's power on how to make training videos. It is the ultimate solution to use to create training videos. This will help you enhance your customer education strategy.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the Trainn website now.

Visit our blog for more insights, tips, and tricks. They will further enhance your video production skills. And teach you to deliver consistent, high-quality customer education and training programs. Even at scale!

Sinduja Krishnakumar

PUBLISHED ON: 7/14/2023