Overcoming Customer Churn through Video-based Customer Education

Customer churn has become quite the challenge for SaaS businesses operating around the globe. How can video-based customer education help? Keep reading on.

Overcoming Customer Churn through Video-based Customer Education

Why do B2B SaaS companies have to invest in customer education?

In the ever-evolving-and-competitive B2B SaaS landscape, customer churn remains a pervasive challenge. As SaaS companies strive to acquire and retain customers, they must recognize the crucial role that customer education plays in mitigating churn. By empowering customers with the knowledge and skills they need to maximize the value of their SaaS solutions, companies can foster a sense of confidence and satisfaction that translates into lasting relationships.

Investing in customer education yields a multitude of benefits that directly impact churn reduction. By enhancing product adoption and usage, customer education minimizes the likelihood of customers encountering difficulties or frustrations that could lead to disengagement. Additionally, providing readily accessible and comprehensive training resources reduces the burden on customer support teams, freeing them to focus on resolving complex issues. Furthermore, customer education fosters a sense of community and belonging among users, promoting engagement and discouraging churn.

In essence, customer education serves as a potent weapon in the fight against churn. By equipping customers with the tools they need to succeed, SaaS companies can cultivate a loyal customer base that is less susceptible to the allure of competing solutions. As such, investing in customer education may be a wise decision for any B2B business seeking to achieve long-term success.

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Whatโ€™s the deal with video-based education in churn numbers?

Video-based education is a highly effective way to reduce customer churn. In fact, several common studies have shown that customers who are exposed to video-based training are more likely to:

  • Adopt a product quickly
  • Use a product frequently
  • Experience product satisfaction
  • Renew their subscriptions

There are several reasons why video-based education is so effective at reducing churn.

  • First, videos are a more engaging and memorable form of content than other types of training materials, such as written manuals or online courses. This means that customers are more likely to pay attention to video-based training and retain the information they learn.
  • Second, videos can be easily accessed and consumed on demand. This means that customers can learn at their own pace and on their own time, which is more convenient for them.
  • Third, videos can be used to demonstrate how to use a product in a real-world setting. This can be especially helpful for customers who are new to a product or who are struggling to understand how to use it.

Overall, video-based education is a valuable tool for reducing customer churn. By providing customers with engaging and informative video-based training, companies can help them get the most out of their products and services, which can lead to increased satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Beating customer churn through video-based customer education

Trainn addresses customer churn by providing tools that enhance customer education and engagement. It helps create professional-quality how-to videos quickly and efficiently, facilitating customer learning through ad-hoc product guides with links, embeds, or a no-code Video Hub. Additionally, experience the best of centralized customer education with courses, quizzes, and certificates through the no-code Academy and let your businesses measure the ROI of their education strategies by tracking engagement, behaviors, and progressโ€‹.

For customer onboarding, Trainn offers resources to onboard, engage, and activate new customers more rapidly. It also provides training at scale to increase product adoption and retention, including partner training to drive revenue and sales enablement training to empower sales reps. Furthermore, Customer Success Managers and teams can use Trainn to offer onboarding and customer training at scaleโ€‹.

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How Can Trainn Help Your Business?

  • A video toolkit including a Chrome extension that lets you record your screen and create product walkthroughs, how-to videos, and instant screen records. You can use these videos in your knowledge base and help center, or create training courses for your customer academy.
  • A slide-by-slide video editor that lets you automatically turn your scripts into voiceovers, add voiceovers and subtitles in different languages, use text and shapes, add spotlights to highlight sections, blur sections you want to hide and customize videos with your brand logo, color, and theme.
  • The omnichannel video distribution lets you share videos in just one click, place how-to videos in knowledge bases and help centers, publish a video hub with tracking enabled, and host your own structured learning center.
  • The video analytics - the 360-degree video performance dashboard, learner-based tracking for audience viewing trends, and CRM integrations for holistic video insights.
  • Last but not least, built-in video authoring software, a course builder to design courses, chapters, lessons, and certifications, and a quiz builder to generate assessments and quizzes. The academy builder is zero-code, so you can create courses without any coding experience.


Trainn's impact on customer churn goes beyond just providing engaging and effective learning experiences. By helping SaaS businesses create a more personalized and supportive customer journey, Trainn can help reduce churn across stages of the customer lifecycle.

Acquisition: Create engaging and informative video content that can be used to attract and qualify potential customers. By providing prospective leads with a clear understanding of the value in your product, your business can acquire customers who are more likely to be successful.

Activation: A personalized onboarding process can help customers get up and running quickly with your product. This can help reduce the time it takes for customers to see value from your product, which can lead to increased satisfaction and reduced churn.

Product Adoption: Engaging learning experiences can help customers learn how to use your product to its full potential. This can lead to increased product usage and satisfaction, which can reduce churn.

In addition to reducing churn, boost your businessโ€™ customer lifetime value (CLTV). By helping customers get the most out of your product, help them achieve their goals and objectives.

If you are looking for a way to reduce customer churn and power up your business numbers, Trainn is the perfect solution for you! Sign up to schedule a demo and check out how Trainn can help your organization scale business.

Vivekanandhan Natarajan

PUBLISHED ON: 11/6/2023