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Vivian Toledo


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Building a Culture of Customer Education in Brazilian SaaS Companies

Vivian uncovers why many Brazilian SaaS companies neglect customer education resulting in lack of awareness about self-serve resources among Brazilian customers


Why Brazilian companies haven't prioritized on customer education yet?


Shifting focus from technical-focused customer training to strategic customer success

The Finer Details of This Episode
  • 01 Impact of Brazilian culture on customer education
  • 02 Why Brazilian SaaS Companies Overlook Customer Education
  • 03 Strategies for Garnering Buy-in for Your Customer Education Program
  • 04 The Influence of Customer Education on Key Customer Success Metrics
  • 05 Limitations of Traditional One-on-One Customer Training Approaches
  • 06 The Necessity of Self-Serve Resources for Every Customer Success Team
  • 07 Identifying the North Star Metric for Your Customer Education Program
  • 08 Strategies to Encourage Customers to Utilize Self-Serve Resources
  • 09 How to Conduct a Trial Run of Your Customer Education Program
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My dream tool is a consolidated tool that has everything in it, user-friendly, integrations……and I know Trainn is one such tool

- Vivian Toledo

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