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Monica Sindwani


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Building a Customer Education Program from Scratch for Startups

Monica shares her journey scaling Agentsyncโ€™s customer education program from 0 to 1. She shares her strategies, and blueprints from scaling the program successfully from seed to unicorn stage


Leveraging the power of support tickets to build a customer education program


Conducting webinars, setting up help centres and when to monetize on training programs

The Finer Details of This Episode
  • 01 Identifying key indicators to prioritize customer education
  • 02 Analyzing support tickets to create self-service resources
  • 03 The impact of a help center/self-serve resource for customers
  • 04 Success factors behind Webinars
  • 05 Needs analysis for instructional designers to create training content
  • 06 Fee vs free based customer training content
  • 07 Success metrics to measure for every customer education program
  • 08 Gathering feedback from customers on training programs
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We were losing a lot of time answering the same support tickets over and over again. Thatโ€™s when I told my boss we need a help center !

- Monica Sindwani

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