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Can Happy Customers Churn?

A happy customer and loyal customer are not the same! Raman Bindra dives into addressing the reason for unanticipated churns and how customer education helps organizations deal with them


Debunking The Myth About Happy Customers Churning


Measuring Product Adoption, Effective CSM Tactics, Post Churn Analysis

The Finer Details of This Episode
  • 01 Understanding the Relationship between Customer Happiness and Loyalty
  • 02 Unpacking Why Happy Customers Churn
  • 03 Identifying Red Flags in the Customer Lifecycle that Signal Churn Risk
  • 04 Fostering CS collaboration with Sales, Product, and Marketing Teams
  • 05 Effective Customer Education Tools to Combat Churn
  • 06 Creating Seamless Handovers from Sales to Customer Success
  • 07 Strategies for CSMs to Mitigate Churn Due to Missing Features
  • 08 Managing Customers with Previous Negative Experiences
  • 09Tackling and Preventing Churn due to Main Contact/ POC Turnover
  • 10 Strategies to Mitigate Churn Due to Cheaper Offerings from Competitors
  • 11 Analyzing Churn: Strategies for Conducting Post-Churn Analysis
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Another very important customer education tool is self-service knowledge base and FAQs, you can’t expect your customers to come to you for everything

- Raman Bindra

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