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Eric Mistry

Strategy & Shared Services Operations Manager,
Contentsquare (Heap)

Customer Education | podcast | Trainn | apple podcasts | Targeted Customer Education Customer Education | podcast | Trainn | spotify | Targeted Customer Education

Building automations to drive data-driven customer education programs.

Discover how Eric Mistry builts automations for the customer education team at Heap, saving hours of manual and repetitive work.


Exploring the power of automations for customer education teams


How Eric's automations save 20 hours per week of instructor time and how he builds them.

The Finer Details of This Episode
  • 01 Role of automations in customer education
  • 02 Common customer education tasks that can be automated
  • 03 What to automate vs what not to automate
  • 04 Establishing the ideal source of truth for training programs
  • 05 How to build a chatbot on slack to answer support queries
  • 06 How Eric makes crucial data move between CRM, LMS, google sheets and much more
  • 07 How Eric automated the ILT booking process at Contentsquare (Heap)
  • 08 Resources to learn about automations

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