We Are Redefining Customer Education for the Modern Age.

Fragmented tools that overcharge you, soul-sucking dependencies on design & engineering teams, and siloed customer education programs β€” that’s the state of customer education today. It no longer needs to be one big, clunky mess.

Do Customer Education Without Limits.

Educate your customers in ways that work for you, and effective for them.
Solve your most pressing adoption and retention struggles with Videos.
Create product videos 10x faster without losing your heart and mind.
Go beyond just an LMS and Help Center to upskill your customers.

Our Founders

Being engineers at their core, Vivek and Sumana put their heads together to come up with a solution that makes sharing product knowledge easy. Thus Trainn was born, a video-first customer education platform to show and tell.

In the world of 15-second reels and goldfish attention spans, Trainn captures the essence of your product in your language in the way your customer wants to learn.

Your business is not another brick in the wall

Enhance your customer experience through effective product education β€” equip your customers with engaging training content to see value faster, at their own pace. Change the way you’ve been doing (not just thinking) customer education.

Loved and cherished by teams globally

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Join us.
Together, let’s lead the renaissance in customer education.