You will soon have hundreds of customers every day than you can manage.

Which is a good thing.

Meaning, your customer onboarding and training processes should scale with you, not hold you back. Trainn is a digital customer education platform that helps CSMs offer self-serve onboarding, product training, and technical support using Videos.

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self serve onboarding

24*7 self-serve onboarding resource

You spend hours onboarding each of your customers while also having to take repetitive questions. Offer a self-serve onboarding resource that helps customers get started with your platform, irrespective of their time zones or your availability.

customer training

1:1, 1:few, 1:many customer training

As your product expands with new modules and features, a 1:1 training process will drain you. How long can you create one-time loom videos every time a customer requests a feature walkthrough? It doesn’t matter if you serve 100 or 1000 customers, use Trainn to offer product training at scale.

product adoption

Improve product adoption, lower churn

Your customers only care about getting consistent value from your product. Launch an LMS (Learning Management System) to continuously educate both existing and new users on how to adopt and see consistent value from your product. A trained customer is never going to churn.

One tool for all your customer education and training needs:

Trainn is a digital customer education platform that helps CSMs improve and scale onboarding, product training, and technical support using Videos.

Video Creation

Create any training content β€”short videos, structured courses, tutorials, using Trainn’s built-in Video Authoring software. Edit, host, and track their usage in Trainn.

Explore leading video creation features

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Our customers are more tech-savvy. So they prefer watching videos from the Spotdraft Video Hub to learn the product than me walking them through everything. They'd rather watch that and come to me for questions or critical things they'd want to sort

Having the videos handy is better because sometimes we cannot get that 1-hour training slot from the customer. So I send them the videos to watch before the call. On the call, we have a more informed conversation since the customer has already tried some features out.

- Chalormee Basu, Customer Success Lead - Spotdraft

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The team at Posist train 12,000 global customers with the Posist Academy

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BuildOps offers the Learning Center as a self-service resource for customers to lean on and learn from

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WebEngage launched the WebEngage Academy to help marketers take their Retention Marketing skills to the next level

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Spotdraft Academy | Trainn

Spotdraft automates repetitive onboarding calls for CSMs using the Spotdraft Academy

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