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Effectively educate customers via videos from sign up to upsell and unlock the true potential of retention-revenue.

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Wingman by clari found Loom to be ineffective for their customer education strategy. Read why.

Success and support teams in most SaaS businesses struggle to deploy a bespoke customer education strategy…
Top barriers being fragmented tools, and limited resources — leading to poor adoption, churn, and choking the true potential of retention revenue.

People share negative experiences 40% more than positive ones.


The top barrier claimed for producing learning content is limited resources.


On a survey, more than half claimed videos are better training assets.


66% of businesses don’t make videos cause it’s time-consuming.


Making videos are expensive, claim 37% of the businesses.


It takes at least double the time claimed to deploy a fully-functional LMS.

Why customer education?


Complicated onboarding makes 74% of potential customers to churn away.


5% increase in customer retention results in 25% - 125% revenue boost.


80% of your future profits come from 20% of your existing customers.

Educate customers anywhere, your way.

Unified Customer Education Platform to fight churn, reduce time-to-value through better onboarding, and increase LTV through effective retention.

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  • In-built video authoring tool for product tutorials, with multi-language text-to-speech.
  • Set up a bespoke customer learning experience with localised courses, certifications.
  • Offer effective training via links, in-app embeds, collections or a no-code video hub.

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