5 Real-World B2B SaaS Customer Education Examples

Here are some innovative customer education examples used by B2B SaaS companies and related segment players. They show how customer education is non-negotiable.

5 Real-World B2B SaaS Customer Education Examples

If you’re a B2B SaaS business, you must understand that customer education strategy matters as much as your business goals. This is because customer education not only enhances customer retention but also lowers customer churn. This, in turn, helps in improving revenue.

As per a study by Bain and Company, a simple 5% improvement in customer retention can achieve huge results. It can result in more than a 25% increase in profits.

It makes a strong case for developing better bonds with existing customers through dedicated customer engagement mechanisms. It also highlights the importance of investing in customer training programs. You can achieve this by focusing on customer onboarding processes and continuously improving your training content. This will also provide a seamless learning experience.

The importance of customer education should not be neglected by SaaS companies. Here are a few helpful customer education examples to give you a better idea.

Case Studies/Examples of Customer Education

Here are some B2B SaaS examples for customer education that will help you understand more about how education and training strategies can ensure better outcomes.

1. Appen’s use of Customer Training for Faster Onboarding Processes

Appen is a leading data management firm specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). It has reduced customer onboarding timelines by 50% while saving $240,000 in support and training costs.

The company earlier was spending a whopping 12 hours per client (approximate estimate) for the educational content and educating customers. This was also through one-on-one or personal training. This led to heavy workloads and timelines for employees.

In addition, it took weeks to create the tools for creating courses for customer onboarding, training and education content.

Appen wanted to build training programs in a few days. They also needed a system that could handle the learning content. This was so they could easily add new courses as their product changed over time.

So, Appen used a customer education platform for building content that was engaging and attractive for clients. Customers could easily access forums for discussions where there were sharing on step by step instructions specific to each training module.

This lowered the frequency of repetitive questions greatly. It also gave them more time to help those with more specific problems.

The addition of several helpful tools also increased the course completion rate to 80%. Onboarding time came down drastically, which normally was a week for customer education.

This example shows that the main objective of customer education platforms is to reduce the time for the customer to realize the value of the product. To achieve this, companies should aim for a concise yet comprehensive onboarding process. This is one of the foremost customer education examples that you should keep in mind.

2.    INES CRM and its Usage of Digital Learning Solutions

INES is one of the leading SaaS CRM players worldwide and collaborates with medium and smaller entities. INES was earlier bogged down by higher customer churn rates.

They have lowered churn levels by 20% while scaling up revenues by 10%. This took place after a thorough tweak of their customer education strategy. INES chose to use a completely digital learning system to improve its customer training programs.

This allowed for continuous learning and updates to the program. They used this instead of traditional in-person training with interactive and collaborative tools. The customer support and success teams had access to tools for creating digital content that could be easily scaled.

The INES team was able to make more effective training content as a result. This is another one of the customer education examples of how digital training can help organizations.

3. Mitsubishi Electric’s Blended Strategy for Customer Learning

Mitsubishi Electric’s game plan to increase customer satisfaction is one of the best customer education examples. The global manufacturing giant has a highly successful customer education module. It has maintained a customer satisfaction rate of 99%, which is amazing.

It has also been successful in lowering costs by 65%. Since it has several products in its portfolio, training becomes necessary for its large number of engineers and clients. They needed to find a creative solution for its long waiting lists for training and limited classrooms.

Hence, Mitsubishi Electric came up with an integrated education program. They worked on creating in-house content with specific tools. They also engaged customers by getting them to interact directly with their tutors/trainers.

They ensured easy dashboard access for usage and engagement tracking. They delivered 80% of the content online, and the remainder was done through in-person modules with step-by-step instructions.

In this manner, the company did away with the long waiting lists. It also enhanced training figures each month and greatly increased customer satisfaction levels.

4. Salesforce Trailhead for Readily Available Skilling

Trailhead is an innovative solution from Salesforce that adds a new dimension to customer education. It enables users to learn and absorb newer skills online from anywhere in the world. Customers can earn credentials to add to their resumes while learning in-demand skills simultaneously.

There is a global community called Trailblazers for networking and connections. It also helps users find opportunities and help others whenever they can. This builds better community engagement for the brand. This is one of the best customer education examples available for businesses today.

5. Hubspot and its Innovative Hubspot Academy

Hubspot has launched its unique Hubspot Academy for customers and users, which helps them access diverse learning solutions. There are several free courses along with unlimited access for users. Tutorials are available, along with courses on sales, marketing, and service.

Professionals using Hubspot can earn certifications with global recognition. This not only helps them grow their careers but also ensures vital business knowledge.

Insights and knowledge from the Hubspot Academy can help business owners greatly. They can learn how to close deals more effectively and create winning strategies for customer engagement. They also get help with knowledge of customer satisfaction and lead generation.

Hubspot has imaginatively given customers a reason to engage and build a relationship with the company. They get access to career upgrades and learning solutions with certifications.

6. Trainn and its Customer Onboarding Procedure

Trainn has one of the best customer education examples up its sleeve. Clients can apply video-based onboarding software without any code. Onboarding is automated while being scalable and personalized.

From custom learning paths to walkthroughs and training videos, Trainn ups the ante for businesses in several aspects. The entire platform functions on a self-serve model for customers along with a dedicated onboarding academy. This serves as a great customer education initiative by Trainn.

In conclusion

These are some of the top customer education examples that other B2B SaaS players can keep in mind. They indicate innovation in terms of revamping customer education strategies. Companies can achieve lower churn rates and higher satisfaction as a result.

With higher customer engagement and better learning, there is improved customer engagement and customer acquisition costs are eventually reduced. Also, the company's brand equity goes up, enhancing its business growth in the long haul. But how does a company find the right instructional designers and experts for the job?

If you seek scalable customer education solutions, then Trainn is a great option. You can find various video-based learning/training solutions that can help you devise a perfect customer education strategy. Their solutions can also help in achieving business goals.

A one-stop video creation platform will help you in sharing step-by-step instructions for complex processes. You can also simplify the customer training program and make it more attractive. This will boost customer retention in the long run.

Trainn helps SaaS companies create compelling videos, educate customers and centralize all these initiatives under one umbrella.

Scale your customer education program while achieving your targeted metrics too. This is the best solution for B2B SaaS companies and their customer education teams, wishing to achieve higher retention and lower churn. Signup for Trainn today and you will have solved a problem with gusto, i.e. that of generating high-quality education content.

Sinduja Krishnakumar

PUBLISHED ON: 6/1/2023