7 Reasons Why B2B Customer Education Is Important For Business Success

B2B customer education can improve customer loyalty and satisfaction. Want to know why customer education is important? Read on to find out!

7 Reasons Why B2B Customer Education Is Important For Business Success

Customer education involves teaching your customers about your product and how to best use it. Today, selling to businesses involves much more than simply selling the product or service. Accordingly, customer education has become an integral part of the pre-sales process.

The era of '"buyer's remorse" is long gone. Today's buyers want to know everything about the products they buy. They want to have all the information before deciding to invest.

It is no longer difficult to make someone interested in your product. However, holding their attention long enough for lead generation? That is a different ball game!

What is B2B SaaS Customer Education ?

B2B SaaS Customer Education involves educating customers about how to use your services. This can help them overcome the following challenges frequently faced by new Β customers:

Multiple contact points: B2B setups often involve multiple stakeholders. This can make the sales process tricky as you have to communicate with and manage the expectations of multiple parties at the same time.

Various interest areas: The stakeholders may not necessarily come from the same background. Some of them may be working with operations, some with management, some with legal, or some with other departments. Given the differing expertise, different stakeholders may have different levels of expectations from the product they are buying.

  • Differing technical knowledge levels: Stakeholders also have varying levels of familiarity with technology. This is perhaps the single-most important reason why customer education is important. By educating every customer about the product, you can establish a baseline for the amount of knowledge required to effectively use your product/service.

B2B SaaS customer education is essential because by providing knowledge of the product to your customers, you can help build and provide better customer experiences.

Better customer experiences make the customers more likely to buy from you again, building long-term customer loyalty. Further, satisfied customers also help in lead generation. This enables easy up-selling and cross-selling of your services to the same client and other clients via referrals, respectively.

Why is B2B SaaS Customer Education relevant?

Most businesses are already flooding search engines with content. Thus, most B2B SaaS companies cannot rely on content marketing alone. Accordingly, they can use customer education content to drive traffic to their landing pages in the following ways:

  • By providing a better understanding of how a product or service is used
  • By helping clients discover the value of services offered
  • By enabling customers to maximize the benefits of the products offered, thereby achieving customer satisfaction
  • Be more likely to enroll in customer loyalty programs
  • By assuring that you care about investing in their education
  • By building trust and credibility with customers
  • By increasing engagement with brands and generating qualified leads
  • By encouraging repeat business and repurchases, thereby supporting upselling and cross-selling efforts

If you want to promote the adoption of your products, try customer education! This can help customers fully realize the product value more quickly. One way to do this is by providing access to training and resources.

By creating educational content that addresses the needs and questions of your target audience, you can attract potential customers to your website who are searching for solutions to their problems.

Additionally, by providing valuable information and insights, you can establish your brand as an authority in your industry. This can help build trust with potential customers and encourage them to choose your products or services over those of your competitors.

Why is B2B SaaS Customer Education important for B2B Companies?

B2B companies have an average customer experience score of less than 50%. This is far lower than 65%-85%, as seen in B2C companies.

Most B2B companies say that customer experience is a priority. Yet, according to the stats, their actions are not up to the mark.

With customer education, B2B companies can stand out. They can differentiate themselves from their competitors easily. How?

By improving the overall customer experience.

Today, 80% of global business decision-makers are interested in digital customer education. Hence, the importance of B2B customer education is critical for business success.

A recent poll of 500 B2B buyers showed that B2B customer education is more critical than sales and customer service.

How is B2B customer education critical for business success?

B2B customer education is critical for business success for several reasons.

Reason 1: Consistent Onboarding Experience

A customer education program can ensure a consistent onboarding experience for each customer.

Each customer will access the same courses to navigate the product. This gives every customer the same information. Thus, every customer feels confident about the information they receive.

Reason 2: Revenue Generator

Customer success should be a revenue generator, not a cost center. But that is often not the case.

B2B sales funnels can be more difficult. Sales cycles are much longer. This is because they involve more decision-makers than their B2C counterparts.

Hence, you must focus on customer success to keep B2B customers happy. This is the best way to generate revenue.

Reason 3: Different Role from Customer Support

Customer success is not an extension of customer support. The roles of customer success and customer support are distinct.

A support team offers help when a customer has a problem with a product. They offer solutions and address customer grievances.

Customer success, yet, focuses on the long-term satisfaction of the customer.

Reason 4: Improved Product Adoption

A well-designed customer education program can improve product adoption rates. Why?

Because customers will have a better understanding of the product's features and benefits. This can lead to higher retention rates. Higher retention comes from better customer loyalty.

Reason 5: Reduced Support Costs

A strong customer education program can help reduce support costs.

This is because customers will have a better understanding of how to use the product. Thus, they would troubleshoot issues themselves. Fewer issues also mean fewer support tickets.

Reason 6: Competitive Advantage

An exhaustive education program gives your customers all-they-need resources.

This makes them feel you care about them and their success. This helps gain a competitive advantage. It makes companies more likely to choose you. Result?

Increased up-selling and cross-selling. This can also be one of your lead generation strategies.

After all, nothing is better than word-of-mouth marketing!

Reason 7: Increased Customer Satisfaction

A strong customer education program leads to increased customer satisfaction. This leads to a stronger customer base.

Through customer education, you can allow the best use of your product. This makes customers more likely to be happy with their buy.

These are the reasons why customer education is important. It helps you improve the foundation of your relationship with your client.

The foundation of a strong relationship with any business partner is subjective. It relies on many things. One can be a solid level of customer education.

No matter if you're B2B or B2C, even the most impactful sales teams struggle. You cannot simply sell a product or service. And you also cannot ensure repeat business. For B2B companies, the significance of customer education cannot be emphasised. Long-term sales growth and increased brand loyalty can be achieved by providing thorough instructional materials and training in addition to raising customer satisfaction levels.

Thus, you must educate your potential customers on how your service will benefit them. This way, you can ensure a long-term and happy customer base.

If you are looking to reap the benefits of B2B customer education, reach out to us at Trainn. We are one of the best video-led customer education platforms that can help you onboard, educate, and train customers at scale.

Sinduja Krishnakumar

PUBLISHED ON: 4/3/2023