Five Best Product Walkthrough Examples You Can Learn From

Look no further than these five best product walkthrough examples that show how companies can create comprehensive and engaging tours of their products.

Five Best Product Walkthrough Examples You Can Learn From


Product walkthroughs are an essential part of the customer onboarding experience. They provide a guided tour of your product, helping users understand its features and how to use it.

Creating an effective product walkthrough is no easy feat; you need to get the balance between giving too much information or not enough just right. To help you create an effective product walkthrough for your products, we’ve rounded up six examples from different industries that demonstrate what works best in each case.

From interactive tutorials that guide users through every step to simple video demos, these six companies have created excellent product walkthroughs that are sure to inspire you as you design yours.

Whether your users are using software or hardware, there’s something here for everyone! So let's dive into these six amazing examples and explore why they work so well to get users engaged with your product right away.

What Is a Product Walkthrough?

A product walkthrough is a guided demonstration or tour that introduces users to a new product, software, or service. It serves as an user onboarding process, providing a step-by-step overview of the product's features, functionalities, and how to use them effectively. Typically conducted by product experts, trainers, or customer support representatives, the walkthrough aims to familiarize users with the product's interface, tools, and navigation.

During a product walkthrough, users are shown how to perform key tasks, access essential features, and troubleshoot common issues. This interactive product experience enhances user understanding, boosts confidence, and reduces the learning curve, ultimately maximizing the product's potential.

Whether it's a software application, web app, mobile app, or physical device, a well-executed product tour adds to higher user adoption, increased user satisfaction, and a positive user experience. It is an essential component of the onboarding process for any product, helping users get the most value out of their investment.

Use a product walkthrough when you need to:

Guide new users after they sign up for your product.

Encourage the adoption of new features.

Encourage upsells, boost expansion income, and upgrade consumers of the free trial promptly.

A successful product walkthrough facilitates:

Enhance the onboarding process for users and cut down on time to value.

Lessen resistance and facilitate users' quicker adoption of new features.

Increase lifetime value and customer retention.

How to make interactive walkthroughs for products:

Determine possible use cases for a tour using product analytics.

Establish clear objectives for your product walkthrough.

To create and implement your product tour, use a tool.

Examine and refine your walkthrough.

To improve outcomes, A/B test various product walkthroughs.

Here is a look at six good walkthrough examples to learn from. Each example shows how to bring a product to life and effectively introduce users to its features.

1. Intercom's next-gen product walkthrough

Intercom's next-gen product walkthrough is a shining example of how effective product walkthroughs should look. It's an interactive walkthrough that walks users through each step toward achieving the desired outcome. Each step is clearly explained and accompanied by visual elements like videos, images, and GIFs to help explain complex concepts quickly and easily.

Intercom uses progressive disclosure in the onboarding walkthrough to slowly reveal more information as the customer moves forward in the tutorial. This ensures users don't get overwhelmed by too much information all at once, while still providing enough content for them to understand their product better. The tutorial also uses user feedback to provide extra help in areas where users are struggling, ensuring they have all the support they need when using your product.

Overall, Intercom's product walkthrough is an excellent example of how to create an effective product walkthrough that will help your users learn more about your product and get the most out of it.

With its clear visuals and intuitive design, this type of product walkthrough can be applied to any industry or business model as long as you keep the customer experience in mind throughout the entire process.

Product Tour screenshot-Intercom
Intercom product tour screenshot
Intercom product tour screenshot

2. Dropbox's simple video demonstration

If you prefer a more straightforward approach, Dropbox is a great example. This product walkthrough uses a short video demonstration showing users how to use the service quickly and easily. The video starts with an overview of the main features, followed by step-by-step instructions on how to use each feature. The video also includes visual elements like screenshots and animated GIFs that help illustrate complex concepts in a way that’s easy to understand.

Dropbox product tour screenshot
Dropbox product tour screenshot
Dropbox product tour screenshot

3. Canva's Easy and Informative Tutorial

Canva, the graphic design platform, understands the importance of user empowerment. Its product walkthrough focuses on enabling users to create stunning designs effortlessly. Canva's guided tour introduces users to its extensive library of templates, design elements, and editing tools.

The walkthrough encourages users to experiment with various design options, providing tips and suggestions along the way. By fostering creativity and empowering users to create professional designs without prior design knowledge, Canva ensures a positive user experience and encourages continued engagement with the platform.

Canva Product Tour Screenshot

4. Slack's guided tour

Slack takes a unique approach to its product walkthrough by giving users a guided tour of key features as soon as they log in for the first time. The walkthrough starts with an overview of the main features, followed by step-by-step instructions on how to use each feature. Users can also take a look at Slack’s extensive library of help articles if they need more information about a particular feature.

Slack’s guided tour is extremely easy to follow and users can get up and running in no time. Additionally, users can also opt for Slack’s interactive guides and tutorials, which help them better understand how the user walkthrough software works by actually using it.

Plus, Slack has videos uploaded to popular video platforms, like YouTube, that provide more detailed information about how to use the software. Overall, Slack does a great job of making sure users understand how to utilize their user walkthrough software efficiently.

Slack Product Tour Screenshot
Slack Product Tour Screenshot

5. Evernote's product walkthrough videos

Evernote uses short video demonstrations to show users how to use the service quickly and easily. The videos start with an overview of the main product features and then go into detail on how to use each one.

Each video is concise and provides useful tips for getting the most out of Evernote. Additionally, users can always refer to Evernote’s help center for more detailed answers to their questions.

Using videos as part of its product walkthrough, Evernote makes it easy for users to understand the software and get up and running quickly. It also helps users better remember how to use the service since seeing it done visually makes a stronger impression.

Evernote Product Tour Screenshot
Evernote Product Tour Screenshot
Evernote Product Tour Screenshot
Evernote Product Tour Screenshot

6. Demio’s interactive walkthrough

Lastly, Demio has one of the best interactive user walkthroughs out there. Demio is a webinar hosting platform, and it makes it easier for people to share webinars with other people.

When users first sign in to the platform, they receive a product tour. There is already a fake webinar setup for the users to join. When the user joins the webinar, they’re taken through a step-by-step tutorial on how to create and host their own webinars.

The product tour puts the user in control of the webinar. They can share their webcams, talk over the microphone, and try out all the features in real-time. There are also fake attendees who send messages in the chat window and ask questions. This gives users a real-world experience of what it’s like to use Demio.

The interactive walkthrough is an excellent way for users to learn how to use the service before they start doing it on their own. It also helps users get comfortable with the platform quickly, which leads to better customer success and retention.

Demio Product Tour Screenshot
Demio Product Tour Screenshot


Overall, these six guided tour examples demonstrate just a few of the many effective approaches that companies can take when creating the best product tour for their software. Each example has its unique approach, making it stand out from the rest. By taking the time to create a comprehensive walkthrough, companies can ensure their users can get up and running quickly and easily.

At the end of the day, it’s all about providing users with an enjoyable experience when they use your product. So take these six examples as inspiration for creating your unique product walkthrough that’s both informative and engaging. Your users will thank you for it!

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Vivekanandhan Natarajan

PUBLISHED ON: 8/7/2023