Welcoming 2022, Cha-Ching!

Welcoming 2022, Cha-Ching!

We are Vivekanandhan and Sumana. Co-founders of Trainn.

We’re super happy to announce that Trainn has raised seed funding of $700K USD led by Speciale Invest joined by Arka Venture Labs and angel investors including Chargebee founders, Freshworks CTO Shan Krishnasamy, Tracxn co-founder Abhishek Goyal among others.
These funds will propel our team's expansion, fuel go-to-market programs, and accelerate product development.

Before taking a look at the not-so-distant future, let’s rewind and look at how everything has evolved to where Trainn stands today.

We started this company with a simple mission: Help teams accelerate product adoption. And we feel accomplished every time we help you improve your customer’s experience and successfully gain one more loyal customer!

While we’d love to also focus on how we do what we do, we want to take a few minutes to explain why we do what we are doing.

Customers often need to navigate a learning curve, to drive value from a software they have newly signed up for. Quite similar to hardware! And in today’s highly competitive SaaS landscape, an effective customer education and onboarding process can crucially impact customer engagement, retention and churn. Your SaaS product might be a game-changer, but if the end-user doesn’t know how to take advantage of its features, you will struggle to drive usage and adoption.

But what does the existing framework for onboarding and education look like?
Almost 2 years back when we started out, we observed multiple SaaS products. My co-founder and I noticed one thing - However complex the product may be, a majority of the companies are still using text and image documentation to train their customers on how to use their product.

We had several conversations with different SaaS companies to find out why people weren't using videos to train their customers.

Our finding - Unlike other types of videos, creating product videos was not a one time activity where you create a video, export and share it with people. They are different and there is a constant need to update it whenever the product changes. Creating such videos was also time consuming, owing to complex editing and adding high quality voice overs to make it professional and needing yet another solution to host it.
So we created Trainn. A video platform to create instructional and informational product videos to train and onboard customers and allow users to engage effectively with your product over the long term.

Why Video?

There’s been a significant shift towards videos over the past few years and it’s almost become an industry norm. Videos have overtaken the written format as people’s go-to method of gaining information. With videos, you can leverage the benefits of visuals and audio making it the best of both worlds.

What this investment announcement means to us

We cannot describe enough how thrilled we are about this funding. These resources will enable us to build the platform faster and better. In the upcoming months we hope to share multiple product feature releases we’ve planned for you, provide better support to serve you and onboard more talented people to help build the platform for you.

A big thank you!

To our investors, friends, family, our team and customers - Thank you!
And to our early adopters and customers, we’re indeed grateful to all of you that have given us the support and feedback throughout these years.

We remain committed to creating seamless, intuitive and enjoyable video experiences for you in the future. We’re happy to turn a new page in our journey together.

You can reach out to us at support@trainn.co for any discussion, if you have a question or just to say Hi!

And yes! If our purpose and story fascinates you… we’re hiring!

Vivekanandhan Natarajan

PUBLISHED ON: 1/19/2022