What is Learning Ops and Why Does Your Organization Need It?

How do you measure the outcomes of your customer education initiatives? In comes 'Learning Ops'.

What is Learning Ops and Why Does Your Organization Need It?

Your B2B SaaS products can be complex to understand. They often require customers to obtain a certain level of expertise to utilize them.

For instance, users might want to integrate the SaaS product into their existing IT infrastructure. But without the how-to guides from the SaaS provider's end, it can be difficult to do so.

You should provide customers with knowledge material that helps them use the product effectively. This can significantly improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and increase revenue.

In fact, according to a recent report, organizations that invest in learning and development programs for their customers see a revenue increase of 19%.

However, delivering effective customer education programs can be challenging for B2B companies that operate in highly-innovative and rapidly evolving markets.

Educating customers would require you to invest heavily in building a learning management system. This will shift your focus from core business activities, which isn't the best case.

This is where the need for Learning Ops comes in.

What is Learning Ops?

Learning Ops is a business approach that synchronizes customer learning initiatives with business objectives. It enhances learner outcomes through tailored and cohesive learning experiences.

One famous example of Learning Ops in action is HubSpot. The company has built an online learning platform named HubSpot Academy. This Learning Ops system offers a range of free training courses, certifications, and resources to help customers master the software.

How Can Learning Ops Help B2B SaaS Companies Educate Customers?

With Learning Ops in place, you can streamline customer education programs and deliver more effective training.

Here is how Learning Ops can help you:

1. Learning Standardization

Standardization is necessary for your B2B SaaS product. It helps ensure that customers receive consistent training on your company's products. Learning Ops can help you standardize your customer education processes.

Standardization gets easier as Learning Ops combines technology, data, and best practices to create a cohesive learning experience for customers.

Learning Ops can help you create a consistent curriculum for all customers. This ensures that everyone receives the same basic knowledge and skills.

For example, Salesforce has used Learning Ops to create a standardized curriculum that covers the basics of Salesforce's products. It serves more advanced topics like building custom applications and using AI in sales and marketing.

2. Scalability

Scalability is necessary for your B2B SaaS customer education strategy. It is because as you acquire more customers, the demand for education and support also increases.

In contrast, You may struggle to meet customer needs if your education resources are not scalable. This can result in poor customer satisfaction and retention. Learning Ops can help here.

Learning Ops programs are designed to meet the needs of a large and growing customer base. You can create the curriculum once and use it for even millions of customers for months.

You can also make learning scalable by using webinars, tutorials, and online courses within the Learning Ops ecosystem. The customers can access these resources at their own pace and schedule.

3. Learning Personalization

Personalization is the need of the hour for B2B SaaS customer education programs. It helps create targeted learning experiences that meet individual customer preferences.

Content personalization can help you to increase engagement, as well as improve customer loyalty. And, Learning Ops is the key to this.

Learning Ops can help you achieve personalization in several ways:

a. Data Analytics

Learning Ops can collect and analyze data on customer behavior and preferences. You can use this data to develop personalized learning experiences for each customer.

b. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI-powered Learning Ops systems can recommend relevant content and resources to each customer. These preferences are based on the customer's behavior and choices.

c. Adaptive Learning

This Learning Ops technique uses data analytics and AI to personalize learning experiences for each customer. Learning Ops platforms can adapt to the learning experience's difficulty and pace to match each user's skill level and learning style.

d. Customer Segmentation

With Learning Ops, you can segment users based on their needs and preferences. This helps you create personalized learning experiences tailored to each segment.

4. Learning Insights

Generating customer learning insights is critical for your customer education programs. Insights help you improve customer training effectiveness.

Learning Ops can provide you with valuable information on the customers' learning pace, their struggles, and where they need help.

Learning Ops can help you generate customer learning insights in several ways:

a. Data Insights

Learning Ops can help you identify trends in customer learning behavior. This allows you to make informed decisions about improving your education curriculum.

b. Surveys and Feedback

Surveys and feedback can be used to collect customer insights on the learning experiences. Learning Ops enables you to use this feedback to improve your customer training.

c. A/B Testing

A/B testing involves testing different versions of a learning program to examine which one performs better. With Learning Ops, you can know what works best for your customers by testing different versions. This allows you to optimize your offerings for maximum impact.

Pro Tip: Add Videos to Your Learning Academy

You might fall for textual content for your Learning Ops system. It is a normal tendency to keep the cost low. However, it never produces the same results.

Creating educational video content is the best investment to improve your customer awareness about your products.

Educational videos can include providing quick tutorials, embedding feature explainer videos, or powering a knowledge base. Here is how you can create product videos in 5 minutes using Trainn Learning Ops.

While the ultimate goal is to convert viewers into leads or maintain their loyalty to your SaaS product, the added benefit is that a rising tide lifts all boats.

This Learning Ops investment not only benefits your business but also empowers your customers to learn about your product and make informed decisions.

So if you want to create customer training programs for your SaaS product, Trainn is your best bet. Our Learning Ops platform can help you automate customer training. Get started today!

Sinduja Krishnakumar

PUBLISHED ON: 3/29/2023