Offer a Fully Self-service Customer Training Platform, That’s Available 24*7 for Square Customers

Scale self-serve support with how-to videos
Improve adoption of Square suite of products
Deliver personalized training without adding CSMs

How Posist Academy Offers Self-serve Training for 12,000 Customers in 50 Countries

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Square business management software and tools help small businesses hit the ground running. Don’t stop there. Launch the Square Academy to help customers learn and use your applications to the fullest.

Your team cannot be available 24*7. But your Academy can. For common queries, link to how-to videos hosted on your Academy. Bring down the ticket volumes.

200 features are launched every quarter at Square! Help your customers learn everything they can do with Square. Watch them turn from users to evangelists.

Bring customers together, and enable peer-to-peer learning and discussions without the need to contact support. Reward them with certifications.

All-in-one Platform to Create, Manage, Deliver and Track Training

Built-in Video Authoring

Create product walkthroughs, support videos, and training videos, in just 5 minutes, with professional quality. And edit them right away —all in Trainn.

Courses & Academy Builder

Launch your Academy with full-fledged certifications & quizzes, product tutorials, and on-demand courses in multiple languages.

Learner Portal

Let your users experience courses tailored to their role, company, or geography. Implement personalization at scale.

360° Analytics

Track learner-level metrics, and the revenue impact of your customer training programs using Trainn's 360° Academy Dashboard.

The Square Training Platform
Your Customers Deserve

Learning Management System for SaaS
Build your LMS on Trainn
Learning Management Platform for SaaS
Numbers don’t lie.
Offer robust self-service 77%

Customers say offering poor self-service support is worse than not offering anything.

Focus on revenue 75%

Enterprises believe customer training positively impacts product adoption.

Preferred content format Videos

No 1 increase in investment companies are making in 2023 is Videos.

Product Manager | Aravind Karnam
The multilingual text-to-speech convertor was gold.
We hated using Fiverr to get voice-over artists for narration. With Trainn, the video creation timeline has drastically reduced.
Our Finance and Growth teams use Trainn to educate and onboard users.
It’s time to level up your Customer Education strategy.