5 Best Customer Education Tools For B2B SaaS Businesses

Customer education tools help B2B SaaS brands improve user adoption. Discover how they can increase customer satisfaction.

5 Best Customer Education Tools For B2B SaaS Businesses

In their growth journey, many B2B SaaS businesses realize they must become customer-centric to sustain their growth trajectory.

Therefore, keeping customers aware of the latest products, features, and various services is essential. They do this through an updated, easy-to-use LMS system, which has become rather popular over the years.

Several companies use their websites and blogs to educate their customers. But, it is not always possible or desirable for companies to reveal all information publicly through these channels.

For this reason, companies use customer education tools to help create and deliver training materials to customers. These tools promise a better learning experience and bring customers closer to business goals.

It is estimated that 90% of companies have seen a positive return on investment (ROI) using effective customer education programs. This analysis is detailed in a 2019 report by Forrester.

These companies create and deliver high-quality training content to their customers and expand their knowledge base. As a result, customer education leads to an 18% increase in revenue.

These companies understand that they need more dedicated customers on personalized learning paths.

This article will give you a complete walkthrough of the importance of educating your customers. It will also highlight the five best customer education tools.

What are Customer Education Tools?

Customer education tools are mainly SaaS applications. These tools help B2B businesses design online learning courses and customer training programs.

The tools enable businesses to offer a range of resources and content. They are also pivotal for increasing customer satisfaction.

The educational content in LMS software lets customers learn how to use a product or service. It also allows customers to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and updates of the company.

A customer education strategy using specific tools also helps enhance customer experience. There are various effective customer education tools available in the market. However, choosing the right one will help you take the right direction toward achieving business goals.

Enhance Customer Education: 6 Powerful Tools and Key Features

Here are some key features of customer education tools that can help you create training materials and online courses.

1. Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a centralized repository of information. It provides users access to information and knowledge on a specific topic.

Businesses can use platforms like Trainn, elearningfeeds.com, and partnerbase.com to create a knowledge base.

Simply put, customer education platforms act as the brand's online learning management system.

Brands can also customize their knowledge base according to the products or services delivered. Product users can follow the simple step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use the product. This enhances user experience and increases customer satisfaction.

Infographic of summary of tips to build a knowledge base
tips for building a knowledge base

2. Webinars

Businesses use customer education tools to deliver live or recorded videos through webinars. These videos help customers understand their product and get started with it.

Brands can also use YouTube and other video-led customer education platforms for this purpose. It can help engage customers and regular audiences of that platform towards your brand.

Such videos offer in-depth training on specific product or service features with more details.

In addition, these training videos contain engaging training materials that keep the viewers interested. They also provide stepwise guidance as well as best practices on how to use a product or service.

3. Onboarding Emails and Newsletters

Companies make use of customer education tools to configure onboarding or registration emails too. These emails often contain educational content with helpful tips and guidance. In addition, some content in these emails explains how to begin with the product or service.

4. Help Desk and Intelligent Support Chatbots

Modern businesses leverage live help desk support and AI-powered chatbots. Such tools can answer customer questions and provide real-time support without requiring the customers to wait for a resolution. This increases customer success rate during customer onboarding.

5. Self-paced Learning Dashboard

Another critical feature of customer education tools is that they allow customers to learn at their own pace, especially during onboarding. Customers can even see their learning progress on the dashboard.

This is necessary for busy individuals or professionals who cannot attend live sessions. It also helps increase product adoption by reducing churn during the initial adoption stage.

6. Many Third-Party Integrations

Customer education tools may integrate various add-ons. Some of these add-ons include Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. Others include certification providers, game-design elements, etc. This makes the tool act as a one-stop solution designed to provide customers and businesses with a holistic experience.

7. Helps build trust

Another key feature of an effective customer education system is that it helps build trust. Guiding the onboarding process instils trust among customers. It boosts customer experience as well as they feel valued and well-informed.

8. Effective Customer Education acts as a Differentiator

Effective customer education can differentiate your business and business goals from your competitors. It will not only enhance the customer experience (CX) but also level you higher than your competitors. Customers and users feel more confident using a product if they get adequate training.

5 Best Customer Education Tools

Customer education tools have become a significant part of B2B SaaS businesses.

Leaving customers a solution, product, or service cannot alone guarantee customer satisfaction.

An effective customer education tool will help customers understand the product or service better. They can then make the most of it. Therefore, businesses focus on enriching customers' experiences.

Knowledge acts as the cherry on the cake. Thus, more and more businesses are using resources to deliver educational content.

Here are the 5 best customer education tools for B2B SaaS businesses.

1. Trainn

Trainn is one of the foremost video-led customer education tools. It offers a holistic content authoring interface.

The platform allows brands to create and publish training videos with automated subtitles. It also supports voiceover features. Trainn provides all the necessary features businesses need to create content and videos.

Moreover, this LMS platform offers custom-made course certifications as well. It facilitates excellent analytics and tracking system.

One can use this tool to create product tutorials in multiple languages. Brands can also set up personalized learning experiences for customers through this tool.

Personalization of learning and support facilitated by Trainn helps bring customers closer to the brand.

2. Absorb LMS System

Absorb LMS system is a renowned effective customer education software that fuels business productivity. It enables B2B businesses to build and offer online training and certification programs.

This advanced tool allows brands to create engaging and interactive customer training programs. It also helps them track customer progress. Many industries, especially hospitals and healthcare centers, use it.

This LMS software enables businesses to offer improved learning experiences. It enables brands to provide educational content in small modules that are easy to consume.

It contributes to a robust customer education strategy. Small businesses use customer education to decrease customer support costs.

3. AcademyOcean

This powerful customer education platform provides seamless configuration for creating educational content.

This LMS system has flexible and straightforward functions. It allows you to create learning programs smoothly. Businesses can quickly develop learning modules and functionalities through this effective customer education tool.

It allows businesses to integrate add-ons as well to make customer learning seamless.

Businesses can leverage this tool to automate customer education. It also provides tracking of customer learning and more.

4. Zendesk Guide

This customer education tool enables companies to create a knowledge base to ease online learning.

This LMS software helps you understand the customers and their learning curves. It also has a community forum that allows you to gather information about your customers' preferences.

Brands and companies can use this tool to organize content according to the level of importance. That makes it easier for customers to use the training content.

Zendesk Guide has another key feature. It provides analytics to help brands track customer engagement. They can, thus, make the necessary improvements to achieve higher engagement and lower churn.

5. CloudShare

This powerful customer education platform enables brands to offer comprehensive virtual training courses. It is flexible and scalable.

The tool packs many key features. Interactive learning support is one of them. This feature accelerates customer education with effective business ROI. It also generates real-time analytics of learners.

CloudShare helps businesses provide knowledge and training content during the onboarding process. It also allows brands to modify their content according to the feedback received from the customers.

Final Note

Customer education tools play a remarkable role in shaping customer education. They help brands deliver high-quality customer training in an easy, efficient, and scalable way. The use of the right tools can increase customer satisfaction and customer retention significantly.

An effective customer education platform can also reduce customer support costs. This leads to a boost in your business's productivity. Before opting for any customer education tool, you must consider the options available and study the key features of each. This will help you make an informed decision.

Trainn is a well-known customer education tool and learning management system. It helps businesses organize customer education content and provides video delivery support.

Trainn has numerous features and functionalities that will align with your business goals. It will help you boost customer experience. Eventually, this will incline customers more toward your business as they gain trust.

Businesses can deploy Trainn to enhance their customers' knowledge of using a product or service effectively. Once your customers gain confidence in you and your offering, it uplifts their overall experience. Consequently, you witness lower churn rates and improved customer retention.

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Sinduja Krishnakumar

PUBLISHED ON: 5/22/2023