How human is your video editor AI?

This blog will help you choose the best AI video editor to add to your customer education mix.

How human is your video editor AI?

In the dazzling world of digital landscapes, customer education is the hero we all need. And when it comes to captivating audiences and imprinting knowledge, video content steals the show like a smooth-talking magician.

But in 2023, video content got a makeover with video AI editors.

These technological marvels are the secret sauce that's spicing up the customer education process. AI video editors online have have automation powers that help with polished video quality, and to add personalized touches.

AI video editing software are rewriting the script and taking customer education to blockbuster levels of engagement.

Grab your 3D glasses, folks, because we're about to embark on a wild ride through the realm of AI video editors. Let's discover how AI video editing is revolutionizing the way businesses educate and enthrall their customers.

It's lights, camera, AI-action!

How does AI powered video editing help customer education?

Picture this: your customers are eagerly watching a product video, ready to embark on a journey of discovery.

But wait, AI video editing swoops in like a superhero sidekick. It adds jump cuts, captions, trims out the fluff, and seamlessly transforms video clips into a polished masterpiece. AI tools save time and resources, ensuring your customers receive a blockbuster-worthy training experience.

4 tips to choosing the best AI video editor for your business

When it comes to choosing the right AI video editor for your customer education initiatives, it's time to play the role of a discerning director. Here's your guide to evaluating AI video editors and ensuring a blockbuster performance.

1. Evaluate the features

Look for AI video editors that offer a robust set of capabilities aligned with your specific needs.

Do you require automated captioning or voiceover generation? Are advanced editing techniques like motion tracking or voice overs important for your videos?

Scrutinize the features offered by different AI video editors to find the ones that align best with your educational goals.

2. Consider ease of use

You don't want an AI video editor that leaves you tangled in a web of complexity. Look for intuitive interfaces, drag-and-drop functionalities, and user-friendly workflows that make editing a breeze.

After all, the last thing you need is a tool that requires a PhD in rocket science to operate.

3. Ensure compatibility

Compatibility is the third star on our selection checklist. Ensure that the AI video editor you choose seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows and video formats.

It should support popular file types and offer compatibility with the platforms where your videos will be showcased. Compatibility ensures a smooth transition and saves you from headaches down the road.

4. Pricing model

Different AI video editors come with different pricing models, ranging from subscription-based plans to pay-as-you-go options. Consider your budget and evaluate the value you'll get from the features offered.

Remember, the most expensive option isn't always the best, and the cheapest might not fulfill your requirements. Find the sweet spot where affordability meets functionality.

Each business is unique, and your AI video editor should cater to your individual style and goals.

Think about the target audience, the type of content you'll be creating, and the overall brand image you want to convey.

In todayโ€™s market there are many intuitive video editors that can help turn your customer education vision into reality.

Trainn combines customer education and helps anyone in your organization create professional looking videos in minutes. This means they can use automatic dramatic zooms, choose from an array of voice covers and even host the videos in one secure library which makes distribution easy.

Adobe Premiere Pro, combines powerful editing features with AI-driven tools like Auto Reframe for automatically resizing videos.

Movavi Video Editor Plus offers a user-friendly interface and AI-powered effects for effortless editing.

For those seeking cloud based solutions, Trainn and WeVideo provides collaborative editing features and AI-assisted creative tools.

The best AI video editor will align seamlessly with your vision, helping you create videos that resonate with your customers.

How to integrate AI video editors into your customer education workflow

Let's dive into the step-by-step process of how to edit videos with AI which helps enhance customer education.

Step 1: Assess Your Customer Education Strategy

Begin by evaluating your existing customer education materials and identifying areas where video content can enhance the learning experience. Determine which stages of the customer journey would benefit from video tutorials, walkthroughs, or demos.

Step 2: Select the Right AI Video Editor

Choose a video editor AI that aligns with your specific needs and requirements.

Consider the features, ease of use, compatibility, and pricing discussed earlier in this blog. Ensure that the AI video editor provides the necessary tools to create engaging and personalized content.

For more details on this, refer to the above point on how to choose the right video editor.

Step 3: Develop a Content Plan

Define your objectives for each stage of the customer journey. Create a content plan that outlines the topics to be covered. It also includes the format of the videos, and the level of personalization required.

Consider incorporating elements such as interactive quizzes, call-to-action buttons, and tailored examples to enhance engagement.

Step 4: Create Engaging Video Content

Leverage the power of AI video editors to create captivating videos.

Here is where Trainnโ€™s new upgrade Zing comes into the picture. Zing helps you record any workflow off any screen. It converts your recordings into clips automatically so that you can deep dive into every frame and edit them separately.

Zingโ€™s intuitive AI video editor automatically adds zoom, transitions, and spotlights to jazz up your videos. The best part is you donโ€™t require video editing skills. Use the editor to fine-tune it to your liking - you have one life, become the next Steven Spielberg.

The uncluttered video timeline helps you clip and trim videos elegantly and also helps you add AI voiceovers. Here Trainn gives you the option to either record your own voice or choose from a library of regional accents.

Incorporate storytelling techniques and a touch of creativity to make the videos memorable and enjoyable for your customers.

Step 5: Personalize the Customer Journey

Tailor your video content to specific customer segments or personas.

Create variations of videos that address the unique needs and preferences of different customer groups. Personalization fosters a deeper connection with customers and enhances their learning experience.

Step 6: Distribute and Track Performance

Publish your videos across relevant channels such as your website, social media platforms, and customer portals. The best part is with Trainn you have Portals which helps share videos with a click of a button across multiple channels. It also helps embed videos without having to know any code.

Utilize analytics tools to track video performance, monitor engagement metrics, and gather feedback from customers. Trainn also has a 360 degree dashboard that lets you dive into learner metrics and guage engagement for customer training collateral.

This data will help you refine and optimize your customer education strategy over time.

AI video editors have the potential to revolutionize the customer education landscape. They help unlock new opportunities for businesses to engage, educate, and empower their customers.

By leveraging the capabilities of AI, businesses can streamline the video editing process. They can enhance efficiency, and deliver content that resonates with their target audience.

Don't shy away from trying new editing techniques, incorporating interactive elements, and personalizing content to cater to diverse customer segments. Embrace data-driven insights, monitor performance metrics, and continuously iterate to refine your customer education strategy.

The customer education landscape is waiting to be reimagined โ€“ let AI video editors be your guiding star on this remarkable journey. Check out Trainnโ€™s Zing to fully relish the power of AI in your finger tips.

Sinduja Krishnakumar

PUBLISHED ON: 6/1/2023