How To Use Videos In Customer Service?

Discover the power of video in customer service. Effectively use videos for communication, engagement, and knowledge retention and differentiate your business. 

How To Use Videos In Customer Service?

Our modes of communication have evolved significantly in these last few years. COVID-19 has increased the use of video in our daily lives. The use of the internet has also reached new highs.

90% of consumers in the USA consider a company's customer service before purchasing. After just one lousy service interaction, 60% will no longer buy from a company.

It's time to shift your approach to customer service. Videos are sought-after content formats now. So it's high time to add videos on customer service.

This article will cover everything about adding videos to your customer service.

What is video customer service?

Undoubtedly, excellent customer service can take your business to a new level. Again, find out ways to level up your existing customer support. Adding video to support customers is a hassle-free way to communicate with customers. It also improves brand value.

How to add videos on customer service

If you are clueless about how and where to add videos, here is your guide!

Onboard customers with a video guide

Get ready to bid goodbye to text-heavy guides. Welcome them with an engaging onboarding process. Use them to introduce potential customers in an informative and visually pleasing way. Help them get started with your services and educate them through the process.

With Xero, business owners have 24/7 access to financial data, banking, and expert advice. Xero's "Getting Started" video is a terrific video guide. It becomes a no-brainer for new users.

Add product demos

60% of consumers would rather watch a brief video than read the text about a brand's products or services. Take advantage of this opportunity to wow your customers by adding a demo on the customer service page.

What they do is show you how to use a product. Show the products to potential buyers. Help your customers to understand the product.

Airtable's demo video is a perfect example if you want to add customer support videos.

Shoot personalized video messages for custom problem

Let's imagine a customer contacts you with pain unlike any other. Why not make a personalized video instead of just writing or calling them?

It can take time to convey the nuances of a problem or the measures needed to fix it in a written document. Video demos boost the possibilities of addressing complex or technical difficulties.

Use Video to Build a Knowledge library with microlessons

Microlearning in a customer's flow minimizes friction and speeds up knowledge application. Text-based can often take time to digest. But watching a video smooths out the process. Customers can learn faster and better.

Answers your FAQs in videos

Everyone has a FAQ page. But instead of text, add a video to answer those FAQs. Improve your customer's experience by providing exciting and visually appealing information. As a result, they will begin to have more faith in you and your abilities.

It also improves your SEO. You reach potential customers using videos optimized with relevant keywords.

AirBnB has added them as a customer support video!

Add human touch with video testimonials

Including video endorsements in your B2B marketing strategy will yield excellent results. After reading these testimonials, potential customers will have more faith in your business.

Video reviews position you as the expert. The customers trust that your product or service works. Integrating microlearning into a customer's flow eliminates friction and speeds up knowledge application.

Create attractive video use cases and case studies

There are many benefits to using video case studies and use cases in your marketing strategy. Case study videos featuring client testimonials help build trust and boost sales.

Host webinar

Webinars are great customer service videos for credibility and authority in your field. These webinars have informative content that will help alleviate your customer' problems.

Asana added the webinars on the website. Visitors can easily access them.

Offer video live chat support

Chatbot is everywhere. So how do you stand the crowd? Offer video live chat support. You can visualize problems and guide customers through fixes using live video chat. This facilitates problem-solving and reduces customer churn rate.

Virtual showroom tours are hotcakes these days and are still foreign to many customers. So, give your customers a remarkable buying experience with live video chat customer support.

What are the benefits of using video in customer service?

Better communication and clarity

How can it be difficult to articulate your issue clearly over the phone or in an email? Well, with video, you can skip hearing-cricket moments. Videos allow you to show exactly what's happening, painting a clear picture for support staff.

Improved customer engagement

Video marketing is used by 60% of companies to attract customers. Using graphics, animations, and humor, you can make customer service interactions more exciting and fun.

Time and Cost Savings

With video, you answer customers' questions without wasting time on lengthy phone calls. You won't have to spend as much money transporting a crew across the country. So, you save more money and time!

Accessibility and Convenience

Today, ease of use and accessibility are paramount, and video support has taken the throne. Your customers can watch videos whenever they want, wherever they are. Video is accessible to many audiences, from tech-savvy retirees to time-pressed middle managers. Press play and see the magic happen without waiting on hold or deciphering complicated instructions.

Knowledge Retention

Have you ever been on the other side of the discussion? You were a customer, and the assistant was communicating a complicated process. You heard crickets. Those shoes fit all of us. Videos help people recall information 83% better than textual communication. Like giving their memory a shot of adrenaline!

Differentiation and Competitive Advantage

In a saturated market, standing out is the real deal. Providing video assistance to customers sets you distinct from the competition. It highlights your product knowledge and impresses your consumers. You'll make headlines.

Now you know that excellent customer service videos can multifold your business success. The next is to find the best customer service video support partner.

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Sinduja Krishnakumar

PUBLISHED ON: 7/14/2023