5 Easy Ways To Solve For Training Video Production

Training video production requires adherence to several best practices to deliver the right messages.

5 Easy Ways To Solve For Training Video Production

Self-teaching is already trending worldwide, across the customer spectrum. A Pew Research study states that 87% of people depend on YouTube videos for learning new skills. It is where businesses need to invest in the right video-enabled knowledge base for training purposes. Training video production is assuming importance for training customers.

While creating product training videos or product training modules, rely on expert solutions. You will find several training video production companies available for your needs. One must remember that training programs have to be planned impeccably to deliver your message succinctly to customers.

  • You need to ensure that your training and development programs train your customer service and sales reps along with your target customers. Employee training can also benefit from your ย learning management systems.
  • At the same time, ensure that your training programs maintain high quality for all teams including human resources.
  • Depending on the team, focus on things like product features, professional development, or even product knowledge training.

Videos are not one-size-fits-all solutions. You should tailor them based on the target customer type and its specific requirements. There are explainer videos, demo videos and so on as part of video production process.

Infact, there are various types of videos that you can choose from. There are multiple kinds of video content formats and modes to choose from.

You should choose a unique format that makes learning fun and interactive for your customers. If you are training customers with product training videos, then keep things compelling. These are some of the corporate training video production basics that you should keep in mind.

Why Should You Invest in Training Video Production?

Investing in training video production is necessary for the following reasons:

1. ย  ย Studies indicate that people have a 75% higher likelihood of watching videos than reading documents, web articles, or emails.

2. ย  ย In an increasingly digital age with a quick video-on-demand mindset customers lack the patience to go through manuals.

3. ย  ย You should invest in training video production to deliver product training videos that help customers learn innovatively.

4. ย  ย Engaging customers interactively and with fun activities is mostly possible with video production.

5. ย  ย Customer training videos are easy to replicate, scale, and revamp periodically. They can help you implement remote learning modules for your customers.

But how do you ensure great video production without hitches? Here are five easy ways that will simplify training video production for you.

5 Ways to Solve Training Video Production

How is it possible to successfully make training video production? There are several best practices or ways that you may keep in mind.

1. Choose the right topic

For successful training video production, make sure that you choose the right topic. Stick to a single topic for a product training video or any other module. You can even break down a bigger topic into smaller portions to make it easier to understand for your target audience. Understand the audience you are catering to and plan your topic sequences likewise.

2. Choose the video type

It is not just about creating corporate training video blueprints. You should also select the video types, with each being useful for training in diverse subjects.

You can choose instructor-driven corporate training videos with more engagement and interactions. Alternatively, you may choose animated videos or those with graphics. You can also choose micro-learning videos which combine text and visuals.

3. Build a good script

The script, just like for any movie, is the bedrock of video production in the corporate training space. You should have a hook that draws attention and the core message in the body. Thereafter, there should be a CTA (call to action) which gets your audience to carry out the task that you desire. Focus on how you can make the script relatable and easy to understand.

4. Produce the video

Training video production is a long and intensive process. Invest time and effort into professionally creating the video. You can get help from professional corporate training platforms such as Trainn, which can help minimize time and energy.

5. Edit and Text

The hallmark of good training video production is crisp editing. This will make corporate training video production more engaging for audiences.

Use text strategically and stylishly to drive home your message. You may add text for conclusions, summaries, or even transitions toward new topics. Closed captions also benefit viewers who have hearing difficulties. You can also put in supplementary online resources and links for your audience.

These are some best practices of training video production that you should not miss out on. Corporate training modules are only effective when they get customers to learn happily.

It is only possible with compelling video production, a killer script, good editing, and the right topic. Whenever you set out to create product training videos for customers, use suitable tools.

Trainn is where you will get all the necessary assistance in creating customer training videos. You can build professional how-tos and videos in only a few minutes with great tools.

Leverage these tools to not only build the best training modules but also track your ROI and progress. Trainn is one of the top solutions for companies in this space.

All you need to do is sign up for Trainn. You can also get value-added information from other related blogs online. Follow the above-mentioned best practices to make training video production simpler and more effective. After all, online learning should be fun and effective.

Sinduja Krishnakumar

PUBLISHED ON: 5/23/2023