What is Customer Education LMS and Why Use It?

Know the value of customer education LMS and its impact on customer training efforts.

What is Customer Education LMS and Why Use It?

The main goal for every B2B SaaS company is to create and maintain a healthy customer base. Customer Education LMS is a learning management system designed specifically to educate customers about a company's product or service. It is a powerful tool for providing a broad range of training material to users.

It helps customers at various stages of their journey, improving user experience and customer satisfaction. In this article, we will explore the concept of Customer Education LMS. We will follow it with why customer education is essential for SaaS businesses in today's competitive market.

What is Customer Education LMS?

It is exciting to know that the customer education concept isn't new. It has been a part of B2B customer journeys for a long time.

A customer education LMS is software designed to assist SaaS companies in creating, managing, and delivering training content to their customers. These systems aim to offer an online learning space that trains customers about the product right from the start. The main goal revolves around keeping the customers engaged.

Evolution of Customer Training

The Ice Age of Customer Education.

In the early days of SaaS, companies often relied on in-person customer education programs to train their customers. For example, Morgan Press used to host educational seminars to train customers.

The Digital Age.

As tech advanced, B2B companies began using digital means. These means included websites, webinars, and videos to reach a larger audience.

However, these means could not effectively personalize the learning experience or track progress. Companies felt the need for more sophisticated systems.

The Modern Era of Customer Education.

The introduction of cloud-based learning management systems marked a turning point in B2B customer education. These platforms provided a unified hub for customer training content. They enabled companies to offer better learning experiences for customers.

By using an LMS, companies can create and deliver various types of training content to their customers. These include videos, quizzes, and interactive modules. Moreover, with technologies like AI and ML, B2B companies have improved their customer learning paths.

Let's understand how.

What's Different with Modern Customer Education LMS?

As compared to seminars and other traditional customer training programs, LMS offer a different approach to customer support.

Here is how a customer education LMS differs from the traditional system.

1. Centralized Hub

Customer education LMS platforms serve as a hub for product training materials. This means that all the training material (i.e., tutorials, videos, and manuals) is stored in one place for easy access.

Customers can log in to the LMS platform and find all the info they need from one location. This reduces the need to search across several sources (i.e., websites or physical manuals).

The unified hub also makes it easier to manage and update online courses. Instead of having to update multiple sources, you can make changes in one location. This ensures all customers have access to the latest information.

2. Accessible

LMS for customer education are designed to be available online 24/7. This allows customers to access the material whenever and wherever they need it.

This ease of access is a big win over traditional setups. Traditional customer training involved in-person training sessions or physical training materials that were only available during fixed hours.

With customer training software, anyone can access training courses anywhere and can learn at their own pace. Customers can even revisit the courses when needed. This makes it easier for them to absorb and retain the information, leading to high customer satisfaction.

3. Personalized Training

A customer education LMS can deliver customized content to each user based on their needs and learning style. This approach is more effective than old setups that may work on an overall approach.

For example, a LMS for customer education can offer different courses based on the customer's job function or level of experience. It can even adjust the difficulty level of the content as per the customer's score in previous courses. This improves customer success during learning.

4. Scalable

A customer education LMS can easily serve a large number of users, which was a major issue in traditional setups. They were unable to adapt to a growing customer base.

LMS for customer education help companies add new users and training material as needed. They don't have to worry about physical space or scheduling conflicts.

5. Data Analytics

A customer education LMS gives insights into user engagement and performance.

Trainn analytics

LMS like Trainn allows you to track your training programs' success. You can also improve your training courses according to the feedback. Traditional training setups did not offer this level of insight.

For instance, with an LMS, you can track:

  • Which courses do customers like and access?
  • How much time do users spend on each module?
  • How well do they perform on quizzes or tests?

This data can help you know the areas where your training programs are falling short. Based on this, you can easily fix the issues and empower your customers.

Bottom Line

From in-person training to AI-powered LMS, customer training has come a long way. Companies now use LMS to help customers effectively use their products. By providing interactive training, ratings, and certifications, companies aim to offer quick value that customers retain for a long time. This helps to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

So, if you're looking for a user-friendly SaaS learning platform to streamline your training process, Trainn is perfect for you. Trainn's cloud-based LMS for customer education offers a user-friendly and customizable platform. It allows businesses to deliver interactive training, certifications, and valuable learning experiences to their customers.

With its interactive content and user interface, Trainn can help you have happy customers. Try it for free today!

Sinduja Krishnakumar

PUBLISHED ON: 5/8/2023